Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Israel & Arabs agree on Iran

I know that many Arabs don't want to see the US bomb Iran, but many obviously do. Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah, Saudi King Abdullah, and Israel's conservative government would like to see America bomb Iran.

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Mister Ghost said...

It's a power struggle for leadership of the Middle East and Islamic world. The Arabs neither want the Turks or Persians to be in that position and there is fear that a too powerful Iran will allow/work for/support the Shia populations in some of the nations to take over/ establish separate states/gain control of the oil producing regions...

And of course, most Middle East nations are Bat Shit Crazy, so they also worry about their adversaries nuking them. )))

Mister Ghost said...

Muhannad, Ali Rawaf has a good article on The Iranianization of Iraq.

Ali, I believe used to guest blog over at Zeyad's.

After the Islamic revolution in Iran, many actions were taken to make the country more conservative. The new government at the time cracked down on Cinemas, theatres, music halls. The Khomeini government also shut down liquor stores, bars, and social clubs, all of which used to run freely under the Shah. I see similar actions being taken today in Iraq. Previously, I have written about the Iranian influence in Iraq in politics. I have been reading news about several changes in the social aspects of the Iraqi community, ones that I link to a religious Iranian influence projected to change the structure of our society.

Today, a few Parliament Members who represent minorities showed their objection to a recent decision taken by local authorities to shut down social clubs, bars, and some restaurants that serve alcohol. Kenna, a Parliament Member who represent the Christians in Iraq said the decision punishes the Christian minority unjustly, “Just because a few people who are not supposed to drink go to those social clubs and drink alcohol, those social clubs shouldn’t be closed,” said Kenna criticizing the recent law. Another Member, Mehma Khalil who represents the Yezidi ethnicity in Iraq said the law will drive minorities out of Iraq, “Many minorities run such businesses […] these venues are sources of income to many of these people.”

Bruno said...

Bombing Iran is idiotic.

Don't these people realise that Iran will strike back and set the ME on fire with its proxies?

Then, the only option will be to invade Iran proper.

That should be fun, eh?

Americans need to get their heads out of their asses and realise that as bad as the Iraq invasion went, an invasion of Iran would make that look like a teaparty.

Bruno said...

And those Arabs that think that it is a hot idea won't be so chuffed when their house is reduced to rubble by the local fanatical Iranian-backed militia. Sure, Iran will lose in the end, but the consequences will be CATACLYSMIC.

Iraqi Mojo said...

There is a local fanatical Iranian-backed militia in KSA?

Anand said...

All of this was widely known. Arabs hate Shiites and Persians and want to kick Iran's butt.

But Arabs prefer to manipulate others to do their dirty work while they free ride.

The Saudis, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar could easily destroy the Iranian air force, navy and nuclear program in a few days if they wanted.

But no, they want to manipulate Israel or America to do it for them.

Anand said...

Even the UAE alone has 79 F16s [many block 60, which is better than any F16s in the US Air Force], 68 Mirage 2000s. Egypt has 240 F16s + 20 Mirage 2000s + 60 Mirage 5.

KSA has 309 F15s + 87 Tornados.

Iran's air force and navy is a joke compared to their Arab counterparts . . . at least on paper.

So why again don't the Arabs bomb Iran on their own?

Dolly said...

Well bruno, the fact that Iran might find some way to retaliate against the US/Israeli attackers, is just a special added bonus.

It's important to smash Iran because the Rafida think they are on the rise.

Let us finally establish a "one person, one vote" system in Iran
-- by killing about 2 million Shia.
Let freedom ring!

Then Vali Nasr can publish another opus: "Shia Revival, Volume 2: Shia Expiration."

Anand, this onanism about weapons that you always do, is pretty sick.
I hope it is at least your job to read about weapons, and you're not doing it for personal fun.

Maury said...

"Don't these people realise that Iran will strike back and set the ME on fire with its proxies?"

The same kind of argument allowed Hitler to put much of Europe under his boot, with very little resistance. Let's not piss the little tyrant off. He might do some really bad things. Better to humor him. Then, he might do fewer bad things. Like Austria, Poland, and France. LOL.

Splendid said...

I really don't get it.
Iran's possession of nuclear weapons is for Self Defense! So where is the "threat" if everybody minds their own business and doesn't plan on bombing Iran!?
so its alright for USA and Israel to have nuclear weapons, but when Iran has them for the same apparent reason that USA has them for, suddenly all hell breaks loose!? Doesn't add up.


C.H. said...

"Iran's possession of nuclear weapons is for Self Defense!"

Self-defense against unarmed college students?

Non Sectarian Sunni Guy said...

Hey Dolly,
Your sick. Don't you realize the majority of shia are regular people like you and I who just want to go about their lives peacefully?

Kill 2 million Iranians to prove a point? Are u sick? The shias, although following a different version of Islam, are nevertheless our brothers and sisters.

May Allah preserve the people of Iran..

C.H. said...


You are no better than Dolly if you justify the IRI and its crimes against the Iranian people.

Splendid said...

C.H- "Iran" shouldn't be blamed for the wrongs of some evil people working on personal motives. And as if the U.S media tells you the truth of what goes on in Iran and other countries it hates. Hah, please!

Kepha said...

The USA lived with nuclear weapons in Mainland China's hands--and Mao Zedong was probably crazier and more violent than Mahmud Ahmadinejad. I think that all is needed is for the USA to make it plain that various allied countries are under the US nuclear umbrella, which means retaliation should Iran decide that Israel needs a quick wiping out and that the millions of Falastin Arabs, Jordanians, and Lebanese who would necessarily die in such an attack will just be more "martyrs".