Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bomb targets members of Parliament in Mosul

"A roadside bomb exploded Friday morning beside a convoy carrying three members of Parliament in the northern city of Mosul. The lawmakers escaped without injury, but a bodyguard died in the attack, and two were wounded.

The Parliament members belong to Iraqiya, a multisectarian coalition supported by most Sunnis. They were on their way to visit the new speaker of Parliament, Osama al-Najafi, now the most prominent Sunni politician in Iraq. The bomb exploded as the cars were passing between two checkpoints run by Iraqi soldiers."


Anonymous said...

Good Try Iraqi Resistance. You will get them next time.

Aton said...

I see the cockroach Anon is happy to murder democratically elected officials.

Iraqi Mojo said...

There is irony in his stupidity: the targeted officials are members of Iraqiya, which was elected by a majority of Iraq's Sunni Arabs and other (more secular) Iraqis.

Iraqiya won the most votes in the elections, but they don't get the Presidency. They kinda got screwed on one hand, and on the other hand the "resistance" is trying to murder them for even participating in the political process.

Members of Iraqiya could have huge influence in the Iraqi govt, IF they are not murdered by the 3arab jarab.

No doubt the anonymous supporter of the "resistance" is non-Iraqi. He posts from Anaheim. I think Habis el Urduni got a job at Disneyland.

Dolly said...

Well the error in your reasoning is that we only oppose Rafidi (Shiite) collaborators. In actuality we oppose collaboration as such.

Sunni collaborators are especially disgusting because they boycotted in the beginning, and then turned on their heels.

What the hell is the meaning of that. Do you encourage people to get killed in a national liberation fight, and then after a few tens of thousands die fighting, then you join the occupation government? Morons.

By doing so you are only giving material to these Cross worshippers to mock you and your original boycott.

I say it's better to kill a Shiite policemen than an American soldier. And offing a Sunni puppet parliamentarian is not inferior to killing a Shiite soldier.
Let's send the correct message.