Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mass exodus of Christians would hurt Iraq's development

'On the street, suspicions abound among Muslims as to why the Christian minority has been so heavily targeted. After all, amid Iraq's complex sectarian equation that pits Sunni versus Shi'a versus Kurd, the Christians, numbering some 400,000, are essentially non-players. Sayed Hassan al-Husaayni, the imam at the mosque closest to the Salvation church, says he and his followers have no time for hate-mongering. "We condemn the attacks that have struck the Christians. They are our brothers and we have been living with them for centuries. I believe they are the victims of a terrorist organization, but I'm positive that Iraqi Muslims respect their brothers. We just worry that Christian will leave Iraq and then the Western world will have a negative opinion of Muslims in Iraq." Christians are generally better-educated than the general population and tend to belong to the professional classes. A mass exodus would only further debilitate Iraq's development.'

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Thanks Fayrouz (via Bessam) for posting.


Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a more destrucive invasion than the US invasion of Iraq?

Long Live the Iraqi Resistance!

The leaders of the US and their puppets must be brought to justice for what they have done to all of Iraq's people.

Iraqi Mojo said...

There is an Iraqi Resistance? What have they been doing?

Bruno said...

This will help you, Mojo:

Yes, the Iraqi people put up a tougher fight than I ever imagined they could! :)

Dolly said...

Yes, the real question is: How many American aggressors has Maliki killed

Don Cox said...

The expulsion of Jews from Iraq must have already harmed its development.

But even among the Arab Muslims, many professionals and engineers have left.

One think the Iraqi government could do is to remove all red tape that makes it hard to start a small business. Small businesses are the real engine of development.

Don Cox said...

"Has there ever been a more destrucive invasion than the US invasion of Iraq?"

Yes, many.
In Iraq, the Arab invasion and conquest of 634, and the sack of Baghdad by the Mongols in 1258.

World wide, dozens.

Dolly said...

I don't know history, but I recently heard that this wasn't the first Crusade in history during which the Iraqi Shia sided with the Crusaders. Apparently it is a known defect of theirs.

Cox, the 4.2 million people left Iraq because you and your Cross worshipping buddies made it into an Aweful and Shocking place.
A handful of jews and Christians are nothing, compared to the toll of the war which you started

Jon Claerbout said...

Christians are generally better-educated than the general population and tend to belong to the professional classes.

That's the problem right there. You put your finger on it. If they got kicked out somebody else might get their jobs. That's why the Jews got kicked out.

David All said...

Iraq has already suffered enough losses of talented people with first, the destruction of its Jewish community in 1950s & 60s and now the violence caused by the Bathists die-hards and their Al Qaida allies that have driven many educated Iraqis to leave. The destruction of Iraqi's Christian community would really hurt Iraqi development, as you pointed out Mojo. But if the Iraqi people come together and sucessful protect their fellow Iraqis who are Christian from the Al Qaida terrorists, that would be a great step forward for Iraq's progress and would show that diverse religious beliefs can indeed flourish in Arab countries.

Dolly said...

You fool, the cause of the chaos is the American aggressor. Also a few lowlifes like the British that followed them in crime.

And Ba'th is different than AQ, AQ is a Khaarijee group that will not cooperate with Al-Ba'th. Historically the Khawarij are mostly motivated by FEAR of Allah, so they will not associate with kuffaar like the Ba'th

Maury said...

"Historically the Khawarij are mostly motivated by FEAR of Allah"

With all the innocent blood on their hands, their fear of God is no doubt justified. Pity the fools when they meet him face to face.

Bruno said...

[dolly] "How many American aggressors has Maliki killed"

He was too busing sucking their dick to kill them. But, it has to be added, I believe that he was using them to his own ends all along, to get power and keep power. Patsies like him are why the murkins succeed at invading countries.

Dolly said...

I'm having an extremely difficult time understanding why the people of Tashayyu' (i.e. shia) in Iraq decided to die for Uncle Sam.

It offends me that people imply there is an explanation. There isn't one.

So 660,000 illiterate peasants volunteer for the puppet security forces, and they all understand the reason but I don't?
↑ You can see how that is insulting to me.

I don't mind if their number is 6.6 million, as long as there is a reason that can be comprehended by a human being.

For example, I can see the logic in the U.S. trying to shoot missiles into Pakistan. I'm not rooting for their side, but I understand the reason.

But in Iraq, there is no reason whatsoever. What kind of assbag can accept to die for the likes of Sarah Palin and C.H.

And not merely "accept," but seek out and volunteer.
So these Shiites deserve to die only for their stupidity and their insult to human intelligence, before we even get to the actual disagreements.

Anonymous said...

Dolly, they don’t fight for Uncle Sam, Sarah Palin or C.H; they fight as free men, for human dignity and the liberation of their people. It is something you could never understand. It is something that you will never have. You will always be a depraved sick bitch, living an empty shell of a life, sucking the cocks of the 3arab Jarab establishment.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Iraqi Shia have hated Saddam and his Ba3thi bitches since 1980. It just so happened that after 9/11, America, the Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Shia had a common goal in bringing down the butcher of Baghdad, the mass murderer of Iraqi Shia and Kurds. I don't expect Sunni Salafi idiots to understand this.