Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iraq is a basket case

I haven't been able to watch the Rachel Maddow Show on TV lately, so I check out her website on MSNBC to catch up on the latest in American politics. Last night I noticed on the site a collection of Maddow's reporting on Iraq and I watched all the clips.

Maddow's reporting on Iraq has often been pessimistic (understandably, I suppose) and she was always "against" the war, but it's clear she cares about the welfare of Iraqis. I also appreciate Richard Engel's brutally honest and straightforward reporting on Iraq.

Maddow traveled to Iraq in August to cover the US announcement of the end of combat operations there. In this interview, Engel tells Maddow that Iraqis are still thankful that the US overthrew Saddam's regime, saying that Saddam was really THAT bad.

This was filmed in August and the two discuss how hot Iraq is and Maddow shows her disgust at the lack of electricity:

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Also watch this clip, in which Maddow and Engel discuss President Obama's remarks on the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Engel calls Iraq a "basket case".

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