Monday, November 08, 2010

Defend our Iraqi Christian Brothers

According to this witness, whose son was killed in the church attack, Iraqi Security Forces were outside the entrance to the church for two and a half hours while hostages were being killed inside. How horrific and sad.


Dolly said...

I think the attackers were looking for WMD in that church.

However I have to say I never cared about the WMD. The fact is the world is a better place without those Nasara

Maury said...

Stick your head in a toilet and be a martyr for the cause Dolly. Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Dolly you're a dirty bitch without the nasara you would not have an access to the computer all the good things in life were created by Nasara why u live in the christian country if you don't appreciate they welcome u to their land are you their to blow up you self dirty mother fucker you are go like in Iran or Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...


you are right, they were looking for WMD (Whore Mother F** Dolly)

World without Islam (not Muslims) will be safer you scumbag.

Mohammed's satanic teachings need to be swept away to the history's dustbin.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Did the Nasara mass murder Iraqis like Saddam did?

Did the Nasara do anything like this?

"A woman known as Um Haydar was beheaded reportedly without charge or trial at the end of December 2000. She was 25 years' old and married with three children. Her husband was sought by the security authorities reportedly because of his involvement in Islamist armed activities against the state. He managed to flee the country. Men belonging to Feda'iyye Saddam came to the house in al-Karrada district and found his wife, children and his mother. Um Haydar was taken to the street and two men held her by the arms and a third pulled her head from behind and beheaded her in front of the residents. The beheading was also witnessed by members of the Ba'ath Party in the area. The security men took the body and the head in a plastic bag, and took away the children and the mother-in-law. The body of Um Haydar was later buried in al-Najaf. The fate of the children and the mother-in-law remains unknown."

Iraqi Mojo said...

"About three dozen survivors of last month's brutal attack on a Baghdad church have found refuge in France, where they have been given temporary status as asylum seekers.

The 35 Iraqis, many of them with bullet and grenade wounds, arrived by plane in Paris on Monday night and were taken by ambulance to hospitals. Another group of 93 people is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks, France's immigration ministry said.

French Immigration Minister Eric Besson said France was offering refuge to 150 victims of the attack as a gesture of friendship and support to Christians who face hardships."

Iraqi Mojo said...

'Iraq's prime minister on Tuesday cautioned other countries not to encourage Christians to abandon their homeland, after France took in dozens of people wounded in a bloodbath at a Baghdad church.

"The countries that have welcomed the victims ... of this attack have done a noble thing, but that should not encourage emigration," Nuri al-Maliki said on a visit to the Syriac Catholic cathedral where the massacre occurred.

On his first visit to the church since the October 31 incident, Maliki said that when he last met Benedict XVI in 2008, he asked the pope "not to let the east be emptied of Christians, nor the West of Muslims."

In all, 44 worshippers, two priests and seven security forces personnel died during the seizure of the cathedral by Islamist militants and the ensuing shootout when it was stormed by troops.

Around 60 people were wounded in the bloodbath and France swiftly offered to provide specialist treatment for those with the most serious injuries.

France is the only country to have offered to take in victims of the attack.

Thirty-four Iraqi Christians and a Muslim guard wounded in the incident flew in to France overnight on Monday for admission to hospitals for treatment.

French Immigration Minister Eric Besson has said this fitted France's "tradition of asylum" to take them in, and that asylum would be "handed out generously" to those who seek it.

An estimated 800,000 Christians lived in Iraq before the US-led invasion of 2003 but that number has since shrunk to around 500,000 in the face of repeated attacks against their community and churches.

Christians in Baghdad have now dwindled to around 150,000, a third of their former population in the capital.

On Sunday, a senior Iraqi clergyman said Iraq's Christians should leave the country or face being killed at the hands of Al-Qaeda. "If they stay they will be finished, one by one," Archbishop Athanasios Dawood told the BBC.

Maury said...

Dolly doesn't care what Christians, Jews, Shiites, or any other class of human beings have done to deserve annihilation. They're mere mushrooms to her and her Takfiri ilk. Takfiri's have the humanity of a gnat. Hanibal Lector would be proud.

Bin Laden's son gave a good account of the sociopath he had for a father. Osama liked to torture and kill animals before he was able to do the same to defenseless people. Typical serial killer behavior.

Dolly said...

I am like Dick Cheney in regards to this attack:

"Do you have any regrets?"
- No!
- No regrets.
"Maybe it retrospect it was a tragic loss of life?"
- No.
"But don't you have any regrets about this mistake?"
- None.
"Maybe a second thought?"
- No. It was the right thing to do. I would do it all over again. ◄

↑ Those are the typical responses of Cheney, and I would like to borrow them for this occasion.

Dolly said...

Anonymous says:
☼ World without Islam will be safer you scumbag.
Mohammed's satanic teachings need to be swept away to the history's dustbin. ☼

I'm very happy about you honest types, that state your goals in a straightforward way.
No longer do I have to explain to iraqimojo that he is a traitor to islam

maury you keep rhyming stuff the wrong way.
Being that "Salafi" is pronounced SUH-luh-fee and not suh-LAH-fee, then it won't rhyme with salami ← as you claim.

Also mushrikeen begins with mu-, a short U vowel, I don't know how to type this exactly.
Do you know how push is different than rush? ← That is how the pronunciation of mushrik is different than mushroom in the first syllable.

Iraqi Mojo said...

If Islam mandates the killing of Christians, then yes I am a traitor to Islam.

Aton said...

One of the hottest girls I ever knew was named Dolly. Unfortunately she was a lesbian.

Bruno said...

Aton still has blue balls for Dolly

Maury said...

"That is how the pronunciation of mushrik is different than mushroom in the first syllable."

That's our Dolly. Pronunciation is everything. Human life is nothing. Dolly enthuses about exterminating Shia, while decrying the brutal death penalty. Sometimes in the same sentence. I wouldn't hurt a fly. But, Takfiri are something to be scraped off the bottom of our shoes. I would agree the death penalty shouldn't apply to Takfiri. Not before they're slowly roasted over a spit.

David All said...

Thanks Mojo for the updates on this awful terrorist atrocity and its aftermath. Had not heard about the French giving refuge to the wounded survivors. That is good of the French govt.

Dolly, on the other hand, is a total obscenity.