Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mubarak told US Saddam had WMD

'Former U.S. President George W. Bush says Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak informed the U.S. that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He also spoke of other people who had influence on his decision to invade Iraq.

The revelation comes in Bush's memoirs, Decision Points, in which he highlighted mistakes made during the Iraq war campaign, and the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in the country.

"President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt had told [general] Tommy Franks that Iraq had biological weapons and was certain to use them on our troops," Bush revealed in his newly-released book.'


Bruno said...

Of course, if y'all had waited a few months, HANS BLIX would have proved such allegations as the lies they were.

On the other hand, Mubarak WAS right about the chaos that would ensue after the invasion, and he WAS right about the "1000 bin Ladens" that would appear in Iraq when all law and order was gone.

But American selective hearing blocked that message out.

Dolly said...

There is a difference between just a WMD suspicion (unaccounted for vx gas), and what the U.S. and the UK presented (Mushroom Clouds, 45 minutes until attack).

They deliberately falsified the intelligence, and then on top of everything → some war supporters have come forward and said they never cared about WMD to start with.