Wednesday, November 03, 2010

British woman radicalized by AQ online

'A British university student radicalized by online sermons from an al-Qaida-linked Muslim cleric was sentenced Wednesday to at least 15 years in prison for trying to murder a lawmaker because he supported the Iraq war.

Roshonara Choudhry, 21, stabbed legislator Stephen Timms twice in the stomach with a kitchen knife as he met constituents at a London community center in May.

She told detectives she wanted to kill Timms "to get revenge for the people of Iraq." '


Aton said...

Thank God, Obama's attack on the American economy and the middle class is over... Now it's time to fix this mess.

Roshonara must be an Bruno

Iraqi Mojo said...

Will we fix it by extending tax cuts to all Americans?

Aton said...

1) Extend tax cuts
2) Fire 10% of government employs across the board.
3) Renegotiate all governmental union contracts.
4) Implement tariffs on all Chinese goods.
5) Secure our borders
6) Deregulate small business.
7) Regulate Fanny Mea and Freddy Mac, ending widespread sub-prime mortgage insurance.
8) Repeal Obamcare

Just to start.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Why not raise the tax on people who make more than $250k per year?

What will be the net expense of Obamacare? Do we even know? We haven't even tried it. Why not give it a chance?

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Likewise, even F.D.R. suffered a severe midterm defeat in 1938. “The New Deal has been halted,” The New York Times declared at the time. But Roosevelt learned his lessons and won two more presidential elections after that, cementing his place in history.

My hunch is that Mr. Obama is also capable of learning lessons and growing as a president. And the Republican-majority House will offer a fine target for improved messaging — especially if its first priority will be to worsen the budget deficit by cutting taxes for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans."

Aton said...

If you invest money in an IRA your entire life and then cash it out at 65 ($250,000+) you will have to pay this graduated tax yourself…on your life savings. Furthermore, the IRS doesn’t let you index the capital gains to adjust for inflation.
When you spend your money on what you want, rather than the government spend your money on bureaucratic ponzy schemes, personal liberty and prosperity thrives.
Keynesian economics serve nothing but to elevate feelings of sanctimonious hipsters, the establishment, and all those who seek to control you.
Obamacare, is the redistribution of 20% of the American economy by establishment oligarchs and it is un-constitutional. It must be repealed.

Bruno said...

[mojo] "Why not raise the tax on people who make more than $250k per year?"

Because those are the people that create employment by exporting American jobs to India and China. Or something. Aton will fill in the details for you.

Aton has the right attitude. Ya gotta keep them poor folks hungry an' desperate. So then they will work for a burger a day and join the US military for the benefits, even though they don't really have any interest in killing people in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan. Yeehaw!

Aton said...

Any person can start a coporation in America for $50 if they have the will.

A talentless hack like you might have to eat Mcd's McRibs each day.

Aton said...

Mass produced pork!

Anonymous said...

the dirty indian memorized republican bullshit. funny.