Friday, November 05, 2010

AQI detonated car bombs for Aisha

The "Islamic State of Iraq" says they mass murdered Iraqi Shia in Baghdad this week because some Kuwaiti Shiite in the UK said recently that Aisha was an enemy of God. I suppose this is the same logic that allows the "Islamic State of Iraq" to mass murder Christians in a Church to avenge two Egyptian women who "converted from Coptic Christianity to Islam, [and] are rumored to be held prisoner by Coptic monks somewhere in Egypt."


'Al-Qaeda's Iraqi affiliate said on Friday it was behind car bombings against Shiites in Baghdad this week that killed 64 people, saying they were revenge for "insults" and threatening more attacks.

The claim drew a strong reaction from the representative of Iraq's most respected Shiite cleric, saying it aimed to drag the country into new sectarian conflict.

In a statement on the Al-Hanein jihadi website, the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) said Tuesday's attacks were to avenge "insults" against Aisha, the wife of Islam's Prophet Mohammed.

The "mujahedeen conducted a new campaign to avenge the mother of the believers and companions of the prophet, after the Shiites had poured insults on her," the statement said.

In late September, Yasser al-Habeeb, a Kuwaiti Shiite living in Britain, made disparaging remarks about Aisha on television, calling her "an enemy of God."

Shiites disapprove of Aisha for leading a battle in 656 AD against Ali, the figurehead of the Shiite sect.

The representative of Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, said the aim of Tuesday's attack was to inflict as many casualties as possible and inflame sectarian war.'

PS: I'm not sure if any of those schmucks at AQI realize that a few innocent Sunni Arabs were probably among the victims this week.

PPS: The AFP article incorrectly refers to takfiris as "apostates" in parentheses while quoting Muqtada al Sadr: '"Fatwas issued by some takfiris (apostates) ... is the reason for what happened at the church and the other attack," Sadr said in a statement sent by his office.'

A takfiri is a Sharia-minded Muslim who believes that because I am Shii I am a kafir (apostate or infidel) who is condemned to death.


Dolly said...

You notice how the buffoon Ban Ki-moon doesn't let a single op go by without "condemning."
However this shovelhead tool Ki-Moon has no respect anywhere

Dolly said...

iraqimojo says:
☼ A takfiri is a Sharia-minded Muslim who believes that because I am Shii I am a kafir ☼

The Shia say Umar ibn al-Khattaab is in the Fire. Is that nice and tolerant