Monday, September 13, 2010

Taqiya by Sunni Muslims

A discussion about taqiya on IraqPundit reminded me of an article I read recently in the NYT:

'There is a notion in Islamic thought called taqiya, in which believers can conceal their faith in the face of persecution. Hamid’s family, Sunnis in the predominantly Shiite neighborhood of New Baghdad, engaged in their own.

As sectarian killings intensified in 2005 and Shiite militias stepped up attacks, they hung two posters of Shiite saints near the apartment’s windows, shattered in car bombings and patched with cardboard. To strangers, they changed their tribal name from Izzawi to Mujahadi, hoping to blend in. They learned not to say, “Salaam aleikum” — peace be upon you — in farewell, as more devout Sunnis will do.'

It's a sad story that reminds us that Sunnis too had to engage in taqiya. But what does the author mean 'they learned not to say "Salaam aleikum", as more devout Sunnis will do'? Salam aleikum, as opposed to "aleikum al salam" (upon you be peace)? I've been saying both all my life, and I'm not devout nor Sunni.


Don Cox said...

This is similar to the way Jews in Europe often "converted" to Christianity.

Dolly said...

Taqiyya is like a pillar of the Shia religion. Some of these Western commentators will spend time slamming moozlims and their "taququiya,"
and then turn around and praise the Iraqis voting and signing up for the American army (ISF).

How can they slam the Shia as mendacious scum, and then praise them as fantastic people?

Honestly speaking no one knows what the rafida will do next, they may as well have been lying to the U.S. about their alliance. For Shiites lying is not merely allowed, but obligatory.

This is a 1 hour audio lecture about the Shia by brother Abu Bilal Sanel Abdurahman:

Ali M said...

Iraqis usually say ma3asalama as a farewell but I've noticed religious Sunnis prefer to say Assalamu Alaykum

Maury said...

Dolly, whose toe are you sucking in your profile pic? And, why aren't you wearing a burqa?

Aton said...


Anonymous said...

Dolly, you'd better learn some "love and respect" : in another words:appreciate others.
Hate is not good for a doll like you.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching a movie on Muslims guys in the U.S.

The Taqwacores

I think the concepts of "Taqiya", and "Taqua" are getting those foreign journalists confused.