Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Iraq war deadliest for journalists since WWII

'THE Iraq war has been the most lethal for journalists since World War II, with 230 journalists and media staff killed since the conflict broke out.

The figures, compiled by french-based international press freedom organisation Reporters Sans Frontieres (ReportersWithout Borders) run from March 20, 2003 until the present day.

The figure is more than the number killed in 20 years of the Vietnam War or during the Algerian civil war, RSF said.

The latest fatality was 35-year-old Al Iraqiya TV journalist Riyad Assariyeh, who was shot dead by unidentified gunmen as he left his home in Baghdad this week.

RSF said that "clearly targeted murder" brought to 15 the number of Al Iraqiya journalists killed since coalition forces removed Saddam Hussein from power.'


Dolly said...

I am pretty offended when reporters are "embedded" with the Crusade. The most offensive thing about it is when they develop a bond with the human garbage of the U.S. military, as a consequence of spending time with them in a dangerous war zone.

What pathetic weaklings. I say kill every journalist with the slightest favorability towards the U.S.

Many of these reporters are pure filth though, like Bill Roggio, Lara Logan, Greg Palkot.
Others, like Richard Engel are just p words.

Sandybelle said...

I'm so sorry for this young man. He was so great, and everybody liked him. His very respectful way of talking and his admirable and clean thoughts. He never said anything bad while he was on TV. May God bless him.. Let him rest in peace.

Aton said...

"p words" Dolly

Not the P words. You are such a pios young lady Dolly.

Stop US Wars said...

This indeed was a deadly war. Is it really over?
Here's what I think:

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