Thursday, September 09, 2010

The diverse interpretations of the Qur'an

'The diverse ways of understanding of the Qur'an are echoed in the documentary by Dr Scott-Siraj Al-Haqq Kugle of Swarthmore College in the United States, currently a research fellow at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He believes that sharia – Islamic law – is determined by male jurists whose interpretations of Islamic texts are based on cultural assumptions situated in particular times, and particular political and geographical locations. Rather than sharia being divine, Kugle believes that it offers different avenues for Muslims to live their lives. He also points out that there is no word in the Qur'an for "gay" or "homosexual", and no mention of lesbians.'


Anonymous said...

some truth about koran:

exile - iraqi / gilgamesh x

Anonymous said...

Reflections on 9-11

As a Muslim I am not responsible for 9-11. If you get up in my face with an attitude over it ill kick your fucking ass.

Americans have a right to be upset about the attack but they have no right to their bigotry, hate, prejudice, and violence. You can express your grief but do it politely. Just because someone in your family got killed does not give you a right to have an attitude

Also remember you have already killed tens of thousands in Afghanistan and over a million Iraqis. None of them had anythign to do with 9-11. So we would appreciate it if you also remember these victims of 9-11

You should expect to bring Bin Laden to court but you should also be asking the Hague to prosecute Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitiz, Obama, and the other war terrorists that killed far more than Usama did.

Finally, remember it was only 3000, and it was only one attack on one day. Your lives are not more valuable than others. Its always 9-11 in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. The Israelis kill 3000 every summer. So keep things in perspecttive.

Dolly said...

See I know how these idiots in the U.S. think. A reconciliatory tone will not work, you cannot appease them. Your bringing up of other people's suffering does not resonate with them. It's important to keep the war going until they are done.
Already they've lost some steam since their enthusiastic days of Shock & Awe 2003 (aka "Syria next!")

Americans do not have a right to be upset about 9/11. They may have a right to be somber, perhaps.
But 9/11 is the logical outcome of their deliberate meddling in foreign territories

Aton said...

The philosophy of humiliation

Anon is humiliated; he is the
victim. Yes, you might think he is lucky to live in America where he can live and thrive as a free Muslim. But you would be wrong, because he has embraced his feelings of humiliation. He is the victim and therefore he has the right to hate, the right to be bigoted, the duty to be pure. As a casualty of worldly circumstance, our poor Anon will kick your ass if you refer to 9/11 as a Muslim act of terrorism. He will never accept that it is his own Muslim brothers that have slaughtered Iraqi civilians with callous impunity. They too, are the humiliated, his brothers of victimization.

Aton said...

Americans have the right to be anything they want Dolly. It’s called human liberty. Perhaps even a pious lady like yourself might feel the urge to look beyond the interior of you veil and your book. After all, to worship a book is idolatry and a sin against God.

C.H. said...

"The Israelis kill 3,000 every Summer"

Where do such idiotic numbers come from? This is utter nonsense and you know it, anon. There have been several instances in Mexico this year where more people have died from drug violence in a SINGLE DAY (85+ deaths) than have died in the last 12 months of violence in Gaza.

That's one hell of a far-cry from 3,000 every Summer. On the other hand, the "mujahideen" killed well over 3,000 Iraqis "every Summer" between 2004-2007.

Why do you think people are stupid enough to believe your statements?

Anonymous said...

im not surprised israel has supporters. the nazis also had supporters. what is strange is that the "arab" who runs this blog attracts only zionists and neo con wannabes. says alot about both sides.

Aton said...


So anon, why don't you teach us what a real "arab" is?

p.s. I'm not a Zionist or a neo-con. Guess again.