Thursday, September 09, 2010

The innocent Muslims who died on 9/11

"Mrs. Traoré is the widow of one of roughly 60 Muslims — cooks, businessmen, emergency responders and airline passengers — believed to have died on 9/11. It is a group that has been little examined, and no precisely reliable count of their ranks exists. But their stories, when told, have frequently been offered as counterweights in the latest public argument over terrorism and Islam."


Anonymous said...

List of Muslims killed on 9/11

The following Muslims, many who were American Citizens died in the 9/11 attacks.
Please remember them when you talk about 911 victims and who is opposed to what.

Samad Afridi
Ashraf Ahmad
Shabbir Ahmad
Umar Ahmad
Azam Ahsan
Ahmed Ali
Tariq Amanullah
Touri Bolourchi
Salauddin Ahmad Chaudhury
Abdul K. Chowdhury
Mohammad S. Chowdhury
Jamal Legesse Desantis
Ramzi Attallah Douani
SaleemUllah Farooqi
Syed Fatha
Osman Gani
Mohammad Hamdani
Salman Hamdani (NYPD Cadet)
Aisha Harris
Shakila Hoque
Nabid Hossain
Shahzad Hussain
Talat Hussain
Mohammad Shah Jahan
Yasmeen Jamal
Mohammed Jawarta
Arslan Khan Khakwani
Asim Khan
Ataullah Khan
Ayub Khan
Qasim Ali Khan
Sarah Khan
Taimour Khan
Yasmeen Khan
Zahida Khan
Badruddin Lakhani
Omar Malick
Nurul Hoque Miah
Mubarak Mohammad
Boyie Mohammed
Raza Mujtaba
Omar Namoos
Mujeb Qazi
Tarranum Rahim
Ehtesham U. Raja
Ameenia Rasool
Naveed Rehman
Yusuf Saad
Rahma Salie & unborn child (7month pregnant)
Shoman Samad
Asad Samir
Khalid Shahid
Mohammed Shajahan
Naseema Simjee
Jamil Swaati
Sanober Syed
Robert Elias Talhami
Michael Theodoridis
W. Wahid

David All said...

Thank You to both Mojo and Anonymous for linking to the moving NY Times article about Mrs. Traore and her family and the equally moving comment listing the Muslim victims of 9/11.

Liz Opp said...

Dear Anonymous--

Can you post a link to the source of where you found this list? THANKS!

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

P.S. I stand my Muslim American brothers and sisters...

ummahzy said...

I'd also like to know the source of that list. CAIR published a list which I found via google search and it mentions a heroic brother (Abdu Malahi) that the list submitted by Anonymous does not include.

Others whom I think are especially notable (for those who criticize the Park51/Cordoba House project and Muslims in general) are NYPD cadet Mohammad Hamdani and a married couple who perished, Rahmah Salie & Michael Theodoridis. Sister Rahma was 7 months pregnant at the time.