Thursday, September 09, 2010

Parts of the Qur'an are incompatible with modern society

'We, as Muslims, need to tear a few pages out of the Quran—symbolically, at least, by rejecting literal adherence to certain problematic verses.

The Christian faith had to deal with problematic verses from the Book of Deuteronomy that sanctioned violence. Jews have had to confront rigid readings of the Old Testament that sanctioned stonings. Muslims, too, must re-interpret verses that aren't compatible with life in the 21st century.' --Asra Nomani

I agree. Thanks MG for posting this on IP.


Asra Nomani said...

This is Asra Nomani here. Thanks for posting your support of rationalist thinking. Soon enough, we can have collective mass in the Muslim community. Warmly, Asra

Mister Ghost said...

Hello Asra,
I wish you luck, but as your mother said, and who knows better than mothers ))) - Islam is dominated by radicals. And the Muslim world is becoming increasingly more fundamentalist (not less), at least the Middle Eastern and Central Asian -- poor Tajikistan as an example, seems to be re-embracing Sharia law and polygamy is increasing -- sections of it, so you are basically a voice in the wilderness.

What you are asking for is a reformation in the Islamic thought process, but the Quran contains the immutable words of Allah, thus having the majority of Muslims reject a "literal adherence" to the more inimical parts of it... well, I don't see it occurring.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Thank you Asra! I admire your courage in writing such an article. Hopefully more Muslims will understand your point of view and agree.

David All said...

Thank you Asra for your brave and insightful actions and writings. You are right that Muslims have to re-interpret parts of the Qur'an that conflict with life in an increasingly interconnected world in which many different faiths and peoples are part of the same society just as Christians and Jews have done. I was in the Pentagon on 9/11 so I know first hand what extremism can result in.
Thank you Mojo for reprinting Asra's statement.

tapline said...

Mojo, I was just sent an e-mail showing a young girl being stoned to death with the final blow given by slamming a cement block down on her head....The reasoning for this atrosity was, according to the post, because she would not marry an old man....True???I don't know but this stuff is out there..I definitely think a Problem exists....Relating to this post...The Bible states in the New Testiment. Jesus came upon a woman who was about to be stoned said to the crowd,"You who are without sin, cast the first stone...The crowd dispursed...In another area He also spoke about "Other sheep not of this flock". Allowing room for others not just Christians .just saying....

Dolly said...

Islamophobes are sending chain emails, often with fabricated content. These people are sick in the head. They are the same folk voting for all these wars btw.

Islamophobia is a real illness, with the patient sometimes launching into Tourette Syndrome cursing, upon any mention of the topic.

Dolly said...

They also cannot explain themselves when I press them on the question: If you hate mozlems, then

1) Why are you allied with the Iraqi Shia, 2) why are the words "Allahu akbar" on the flag of your client state there,
3) Why is one of the most popular parties called "Da'wa," the meaning of which is "invitation to islam," and they are your allies.

So some British guy gave answers like: "They are not my allies," and "I only have your word about this Dawa party."