Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Riveting Reads About Iraq War

"The titles on this list are jaw-dropping in their honest and frank depiction of the politics and battles involved in the Iraq War (with some examining Afghanistan, as well), and they offer a variety of eye-opening viewpoints that bring home the complexity and brutality of war. For anyone who cares about what’s happening in the country today, they’re required reading."


Tom Bowler said...

I think your list is incomplete. Arguably the most import book on the Iraq War was written by Douglas Feith: War And Decision. Painstakingly documented and told from a viewpoint inside the Bush administration at the highest levels, it describes the real story of the decision to invade.

Don Cox said...

Also missing is Michael Yon's "Moment of Truth in Iraq".

Dolly said...

Yon is a propagandist from Fox News

Mister Ghost said...

And if anyone would know about propaganda it would be Dolly. LOL.

But the list is a liberal's wet dream of riveting books about Iraq.

Steven Vincent's In The Red Zone certainly qualifies as one of the best books written about the war and far better than anything mentioned on the list. And Anthony Shadid's Night Draws Near is very good too.

C.H. said...

One of the best books I read about Iraq was "A Soldiers Promise" by Daniel Hendrex. Its a true story that took place in Al-Qaim.

I'm surprised they would promote "Life in the Emerald City" by tagging it as the inspiration for "Green Zone"...which, like all the other Iraq War Hollywood movies, flopped into the dustbin.

MuggedbyReality said...

Agree that the list has a decidedly leftist slant.

I suggest "No True Glory" by Bing West and "On Call in Hell" by Richard Jadick.

Don Cox said...

Another very good book is "Sniper One" by Dan Mills.

As for the Feith book, I just started reading it and it is indeed very completely documented. If you want to know how the decisions (right or wrong) were made by the Bush administration, this is the one to read.

Bruno said...

An excellent read might be Bremer's documentary of all the war crimes he committed. Particularly where he begs Hakim to make the BADR BRIGADE the core of the new Iraqi army.

Gosh, I can't understand where all those sectarian death squads came from!

Boh! It's a mystery, alright.