Friday, March 04, 2011

Women protesters gunned down in Ivory Coast

My friend K told me last week that there were protests in Cameroon, and they did not receive any media coverage. CNN did cover the violence in Ivory Coast, where Gbagbo's army gunned down women! It is horrific, and K made a good point: we don't pay enough attention to other parts of Africa.

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David All said...

Thanks Mojo for that grim video. Am afraid that the Ivory Coast, like other African tragedies such as Darfur and Southern Sudan have been forgotten with people being focused on the revolutions in the Middle East especially Libya. Gbagbo has got to be forced out and the democratically elected President come to power. If all else fails, hopefully French will intervene with their military as they did back in 2005 to end the civil war; this time to remove Gbagbo from office and arrest him for his crimes. Gbagbo's army killed more unarmed civilians today, though a protest march by thousands of women occurred peacefully. Read it at "Ivory Coast Army shoots unarmed civilians again" at