Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rumors of murder of protest organizer in KSA

"One of the more amusing rumours to spring from the popular Arab uprising has Saudi King Abdullah planning to buy Facebook to squelch the protests. From that extra-long limb, it’s just a short jump to the Israeli underground bunker being used to orchestrate the unrest, as the Yemeni president claims.

There was another, much more ominous rumour circulating Wednesday about the violent death of one of the main administrators of the Facebook protest page for Saudi Arabia.

Rumours are rife because no one has much of an idea, really. If the CIA is in the dark, what chance does anyone else stand?"

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Don Cox said...

The CIA is usually in the dark on anything in the Middle East.

In particular, they were totally wrong about every aspect of Iraq before the invasion.

The CIA is greatly over-estimated. People think it is some vastly cunning conspiratorial power, when really it is a bunch of muddlers and bumblers.