Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What will be US role in Middle East?

A new beginning - Riz Khan - Al Jazeera English

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Maury said...

I haven't seen ANY changes under Obama. Guantanamo is still open. Bush's timeline for leaving Iraq and Afghanistan is still in place. The rich still have their tax cuts. Israel still gets 100% support etc. etc.

I think Bush would have been all over white on rice, by now. I think he would have publicly called for Mubarak to step down. Other than that, Obama has done a good job continuing Bush's policies...LOL.

The Health Care thing might, or might not, kick in some time next year. I'm all for giving it a fair shot. If it doesn't pan out....oh well. But, it's a chance to try something different. The health care system is dysfunctional. Anything different is worth a shot imo. Can anyone think of anything else Obama has done to differentiate himself from Bush? Not said, but actually done?