Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Many Iranians believe they have freedom

and democracy, like the guy in the video below. He says they have checks and balances in Tehran. I've heard a lot of people, some of them my friends, say that Iranians have freedom and democracy. Some say that Iran is demonized in western media, and sometimes they become defensive when we discuss human rights abuses in Iran. On facebook a few days ago I pointed out that gay men are hanged in Iran. A friend said that if gay men are in fact hanged in Iran, it is because this is what the people want, this is done by a democratically elected government.


C.H. said...

So this scumbag says the US is "not a tolerant democracy for Muslims"...interesting. Muslims are a small minority in the US, and he is demanding they have rights...well, how come gays, a small minority in Iran, don't deserve rights? Having the majority oppress the minority is not democracy...that's like saying it would be justified if 85 percent of Egyptians voted to wipe out the Coptic Christians and purge them from Egyptian society.

Smoke and teargas are simmering over Tehran right now, btw, after the Iranian people once again faced off with the Basij and riot police...and all this is happening as the hypocrites in Qom continue to cheer for Arab freedom and democracy.

Mojo, I wish you would post about today's protests in Tehran...I have several friends who I have still not heard back from since they took to the streets :-/

C.H. said...
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C.H. said...

I should note that some of my friends had Mohammed Marandi as their professor...they tell me he is a shill for the regime, which sees his pristine English as an excellent propaganda tool in the west.

The fact that he would give this interview while people are being attacked for demonstrating against the government is particularly sinister.

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