Tuesday, March 01, 2011

America's biggest mistake in Iraq

was the betrayal of 1991. Most of the bad things that have happened in Iraq in the last 20 years would have not happened had the US toppled Saddam in 1991 after already gaining control of Iraqi airspace and defeating the Iraqi army.

'Many Shia feel that they were betrayed by the US administration who failed to intervene after appearing to endorse a popular rebellion.

In February 1991, as US forces were crushing the Iraqi army and driving it out of Kuwait, former US President George Bush broadcast a message telling Iraqis that there was another way for the bloodshed to stop.

"That is for the Iraqi military and the Iraqi people to take matters into their own hands, to force Saddam Hussein the dictator to step aside..." he said in the Voice of America broadcast.

As the uprising spread throughout the country however, US officials insisted it was never their policy to intervene in Iraq's internal affairs nor to remove Saddam Hussein's regime from power.'

So after 40 days of the heaviest aerial bombardment in the history of Iraq, after the US & allies defeated the Iraqi army, after supporting Saddam in the 80s, after Halabja, the US & allies decided it was none of their business to "intervene" in Iraq's internal affairs. It would be funny if it were not so sad.

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