Monday, January 10, 2011

Yemen second to USA in guns per capita

"But tensions have long run high in the Eighth Congressional District of Arizona, a classic swing district that shares a 114-mile border with Mexico. Protesters chained themselves to the desks of Ms. Giffords’s Republican predecessor, Jim Kolbe, 12 years ago. And over the past year, Ms. Giffords struggled in a brutal re-election campaign during which her opponent appeared in a Web advertisement holding an assault weapon. The district has become a caldron of divisions over government spending, immigration, health care and Barack Obama."

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Anonymous said...

So mojo,
im waiting for you to say "scum of the earth" to this white man the same way you say "sunni scum of the earth".

Still waiting

Iraqi Mojo said...

This Jared Loughner is definitely the scum of the earth, not unlike the Sunni scum of earth who blew up markets in Shia neighborhoods.