Sunday, January 16, 2011

Health and wealth in the last 200 years

This is a cool presentation of health and wealth (life expectancy and income) in 200 countries over the last 200 years. The big yellow circle is the USA.


Ayrab Jayrab said...

I love how mojo considers himself to be american.

good, now stay there forever

Maury said...

France had pretty much the same position on Iraq in '03. Why does France always side with the dictator?

"Individual ministers had infuriated Tunisians and Tunisian exiles in France with their comments. As late as last Tuesday, Agriculture Minister Bruno Le Maire said Mr. Ben Ali had been judged unfairly and had done many good things for Tunisia.

The new foreign minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie, told French legislators last Tuesday that the French police could give better training to Tunisian counterparts to help restore calm because the French were skilled in “security situations of this type.”

By contrast, aided by the release of secret memos by WikiLeaks, the United States was seen by Tunisians to have made critical statements about corruption and greed in Tunisia. Washington also criticized the crackdown on demonstrators, and President Obama scored with protesters on Friday when he praised their “courage and dignity” and called for fair elections.

Maury said...

All that seemed late to many, who note the lavish way that French officials, ambassadors and businessmen — many with vacation properties in Tunisia and Morocco — have been treated by the countries’ rulers.

François Hollande, a leading member of the opposition Socialist Party, said that “for weeks the French position has seemed to be one of embarrassment, of caution, of prudence, while in Tunisia and across North Africa people expected us to speak out.”

Dolly said...

Northwest Africa is a French colonial region. They will probably strike in France eventually. The groups up there cite Abnaa ul Fransa as their enemies i.e. Sons of France

Maury said...

"They" aren't even welcome in Tunisia Dolly.

"The Tunisians have a sense of humor. In chats on Facebook some suggested that exiled Islamic fundamentalists would return, so women wrote that they would meet them at the airport in bikinis.

"Not just Jews are afraid of the Islamists, the entire country is. In Tunisia women have amazing status. Women wear jeans in the street and bikinis on the beaches, and there are women judges and ambassadors. Women's status is a success story and the Tunisians won't want to lose that."

Maury said...

Why Tunisia's Revolution Is Islamist-Free
And how their absence explains the quick fall of Ben Ali's regime.

Maury said...

More than 1,000 infants -- most of them girls -- were killed or abandoned to die in Pakistan last year according to conservative estimates by the Edhi Foundation, a charity working to reverse the grim trend.

Tragic tales abound.

Kazmi recounts the discovery of the burnt body of a six-day-old infant who had been strangled. Another child was found on the steps of a mosque having been stoned to death on the orders of an extremist imam who has since disappeared, he says.

Maybe Dolly can educate us on how the Quran condones the stoning of newborn children. Maybe their great-grandparents voted?

Ayrab Jayrab said...

a video for your contemplation:

Iraqi Mojo said...

Good video, but it doesn't mention what Saddam did for the CIA in the 60s. Saddam & gang killed thousands of Iraqi communists in the 60s:

'In February 1963 Qasim was killed in a Baath Party coup. Morris claimed recently that the CIA was behind the coup, which was sanctioned by President John F. Kennedy, but a former very senior CIA official strongly denied this.

"We were absolutely stunned. We had guys running around asking what the hell had happened," this official said.

But the agency quickly moved into action. Noting that the Baath Party was hunting down Iraq's communist, the CIA provided the submachine gun-toting Iraqi National Guardsmen with lists of suspected communists who were then jailed, interrogated, and summarily gunned down, according to former U.S. intelligence officials with intimate knowledge of the executions.

Many suspected communists were killed outright, these sources said. Darwish told UPI that the mass killings, presided over by Saddam, took place at Qasr al-Nehayat, literally, the Palace of the End.

A former senior U.S. State Department official told UPI: "We were frankly glad to be rid of them. You ask that they get a fair trial? You have to get kidding. This was serious business." '

Mister Ghost said...

I'm very skeptical of the al Qaeda-favored Tunisian revolution.

Mideast History does not look favorably on what the eventual outcome will yield, as we see fundamentalism surging in the Middle East, and the disastrous course of post-revolution/war Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

These deluded Tunisian women need to have a talk with their former mini skirt wearing Iraqi compatriots, about how quickly women's rights can evaporate.

Especially after you remove a secular regime.

Dictatorships are bad, Sharia and Islamism is worse.

My advice to any Christians in Tunisia are to run fast.

I will be laughing ironically, when in five years, these Tunisian women are seeking asylum in France and the US.

Does anyone not learn from history, when it comes to the Middle East?