Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arab Nationalism: It's ALIVE

So says As'ad Abu Khalil, the Lebanese American professor in California: "Ever since Ajami wrote that lousy article on the death of Arab nationalism, lazy Western analysts and journalists readily believed him. I have often argued otherwise. If you have been following in Arabic the news coverage and particularly the noise of the Arab youth on Facebook and Twitter you would not have doubted that common Arab political and emotional sentiments are still shared by the Arab people. Most Arabs on Facebook have put the Tunisian flag or the picture of Muhammad Bouazizi as the profile picture."

I agree that political and emotional sentiments are shared by the Arab people, especially with respect to Palestine.* But are those sentiments strong enough to unite the Arab people into an egalitarian nation, with peace and justice for all? Fat chance.

*The Arabs are divided on a few issues, like Saddam, Iran, and political Islam, to name a few.


Iraqi Mojo said...

"The joy on the Arab streets cannot be overestimated or ignored. The past two days are a turning point in the history of this region. Many say the Arab world will never be the same. It shouldn't.

The world is changing. And Arab states have to develop their income sources, education systems, accountability and start listening to their people."

Anonymous said...

As sure as Lebanese taxi drivers love Saddam Hussein, there is Arab Nationalism. There just hasn't been a strong leader, other than Egypts, for people to support.

Anonymous said...

everyone loved Saddam Hussein exept a few traitors.

If we had democracy in the arab world every arab country would have a saddam hussein and a gamal abdul nasser.

and we would have hizballah in every country bordering israel..

you dont get it do you?

Iraqi Mojo said...

I do get it. Most Sunni Arabs liked and still like Saddam. It's why I said the "Arabs are divided on a few issues, like Saddam..."

I think it's safe to say that in general the Arab Shia did not like Saddam. Ask Hizballah if they like Saddam. Do you get it?

C.H. said...

If someone wrote a post like "White nationalism: it's ALIVE" how would the public react?

Ethnic supremicism should not be praised.

C.H. said...

BTW I was referring to Abu Khalil, not you Mojo :)

Iraqi Mojo said...

It's not necessarily ethnicity that unites the Arabs. It's language, Palestine, and Islam.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I should say SUPPOSED to unite the Arabs.

C.H. said...

Still doesn't sound right...a lot of white supremicists unite themselves under English, illegal immigration, and Christianity.

I am only pointing this out because I have been judged many times by my ethnicity in conversations about the Middle East.

Human beings are all individuals with different ideas to share, regardless of our ethnicity.

Dolly said...

☼ everyone loved Saddam Hussein exept a few traitors. ☼

Yes, my cousin & I used to make this Iraq flag (20 years ago). Cuz we wanted to have and parade it around.

Now of course, it has been profaned by traitors.