Tuesday, January 18, 2011

AQ kills Sunni Arabs to fight Shiites

"Militants from Iraq's onetime Sunni Arab elite have long opposed efforts to recruit members of their sect to positions in the new security forces, and have used violence and intimidation to thwart them. In the western province of Anbar, the Sunni Muslim region's governor narrowly evaded a bomb attack Monday.

Armed groups see the nation's Sunni community as a recruiting pool to fight against the Shiite Muslim majority, which has come to hold the state's levers of power since Hussein's fall in 2003."

PS: It doesn't make sense, but Al Qaeda has been killing Iraqi Sunni Arabs since 2006, when the people of Anbar formed the Sons of Iraq and the Awakening movement. It should also be noted that Saddam killed many innocent Iraqi Sunni Arabs during his rule. AQ would do anything to hurt the Shiite-led Iraqi government.

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