Monday, January 31, 2011

Internet & Mobile Phone cutoff backfired on Mubarak

It forced Egyptians to go to Tahrir in the middle of Cairo.

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Also see in this clip parts of Obama's speech in Cairo in 2009. He said “I do have an unyielding belief, that all people yearn for certain things: The ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed. Confidence in the rule of law, and the equal administration of justice. Government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people. The freedom to live as you choose. These are not just American ideas; they are human rights. And that is why we will support them everywhere.”

Brilliant and true (and thank you for the support). Is Obama the reason there's been no anti-American sentiment in the protests? Obama's speech was a good one, even the Tea Party Patriots must admit.

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