Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mubarak tightens his grip on Cairo

"Pockets of rebellion echoed across Cairo on Wednesday as security forces tightened their grip on the capital and activists set fires and hurled stones, trying not to lose the momentum sparked a day earlier by an unprecedented nationwide protest against President Hosni Mubarak.

The Interior Ministry -- stunned by the size and passion of Tuesday's demonstrations -- announced it would not tolerate further protests. Activists in parts of the city defied the ministry's threats of "immediate arrest." But the crackdown appeared to keep thousands of protesters, angered by unemployment and repression, from venturing back into the streets."

I think Mubarak's days as dictator are numbered. American officials must be worried that democracy in Egypt could result in an Islamic state, although the Angry Arab says the protesters are mostly secular. The professor noted Mubarak's formula: "As long as he keeps his doors open to Netanyahu, and as long as he imposes a savage siege on the people of Gaza, the US congress is happy--very happy--with Mubarak." I think this is true. The US pays Egypt $3 billion per year to keep the peace with Israel and clamp down on Islamic extremism.

So what would the US do if Mubarak is overthrown? Is it possible for the Egyptian people to overthrow Mubarak?


C.H. said...

Angry Arab sings a very different tune when the protests are taking place in Egypt instead of Iran.

Dolly said...

Egypt is used to outsource torture by the U.S., while Iran is usually not a close Washington ally

C.H. said...

Egypt is also where you get many of your idiot sucide bombers who blow themselves up in Iraq, since Iraqis want nothing to do with you.

Mister Ghost said...

If Egypt falls, it will be another US foreign policy disaster.

Far worse than dictators is political Islam.

Or, hey maybe that Shah of Iran wasn't too bad after all. LOL.

And political Islam, Egypt will receive with the Muslim Brotherhood in ascension.

I worry about the Copts, for all their misguided hatred of Israel and the Jews, we as in The West simply can't let another Christian genocide take place, as is occurring in Iraq.

So, I hope President Cokehead has a plan. Bawahahaha.

Meanwhile, if Mubarak falls, it will quicken the timetable toward the next Egypt - Israel war.

Maury said...

I don't know why the US is always accused of "supporting" these regimes. Fact is, we try to have relations with any country that isn't overtly hostile. We give billions to Pakistan every year. All they have to do is smile while sliding the knife in our back. There are only a handful of countries we don't "support" in one way or another. North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, and Iran are a few that come to mind.

Even if an Islamist regime comes to power in Egypt, they'll get the same $3 billion annual payoff to play nice with Israel. Not that I expect the Mubarek regime to fall. The more I read about Tunisia, the more I think it was a unique situation. The Ben Ali family wanted ALL the money. Even the police and army were living in poverty. You don't pay security personnel starvation wages if you want to stay in power when the shit hits the fan.

Don Cox said...

"Far worse than dictators is political Islam."

Political Islam is also dictatorship, but made worse by self-righteousness. Marxist and Fascist dicators are just as bad.

So perhaps those who want only power and money (and it is usually their wives who want the money) are not so bad. If monarchy wasn't so unfashionable, most of them would call themselves kings or emperors. The ruler of Syria is certainly a king, and Mubarak has a prince waiting to inherit his throne.

Anonymous said...

Don Cox,
Fuck off.

Dolly said...

☼ We give billions to Pakistan every year. All they have to do is smile while sliding the knife in our back. ☼

Well, you pay Pakistan to kill their own citizens.
I think that's a pretty neat deal for you.
They are fighting a civil war on your behalf. A few billion is nothing for the U.S. gdp & budget

Maury said...

Pashtuns are citizens? When is the last time they were governable, the 12th century? Pashtuns are good at dealing drugs and running guns. Not much else. Certainly not being citizens.

Have you seen all the whining coming from Al Qaida lately Dolly? They're running out of money and places to hoo hoo.

Chris Taus said...

Mubarek has been able to remain in power in part due to US support. Mubarek is extremely hostile to Iran, so the US counts on Egypt as an ally against Iran. The problem is that the Muslim Brotherhoo­d has wanted to operate freely in Egypt, and Mubarek has treated it like subversive­s. Only time will tell if Mubarek is able to ride it out and pass power onto his son.

Dolly said...

No I haven't heard any whining from Al-Qa'eda. In fact, your Shia buddies are dying in increased numbers in Iraq.