Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Films about the Holocaust

I've been watching some good movies lately. I watched two films about the Holocaust after watching "Battle of Algiers". There are some great movies about the Holocaust. Schindler's List may be the most famous, but it's not included in this list of the top ten. The Pianist has been in my top three in the last few years. Today I added a new film to my top three: Au Revoir Les Enfants, an excellent French film about a French Catholic school that sheltered three Jewish children and focuses on the friendship between one of those kids and a French boy at the school. I think it's the best movie about the Holocaust I've seen. It is a must see for all.

After watching Au Revoir Les Enfants, I watched The Children of Chabannes, one of the best Holocaust documentaries I have ever seen, and it is now in my top three as well, bumping off Schindler's List from my top three. The documentary is a different class of film, and I've seen a few documentaries about the Holocaust, but somehow The Children of Chabbannes moved me the most.

The Holocaust is unique in the history of war and genocide. Nothing can be compared to what the Nazis did.

PS: I'm now watching Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State, another excellent documentary.

PPS: My top five Holocaust films, as of Jan. 26, 2011 are:

1) Au Revoir Les Enfants
2) The Pianist
3) The Children of Chabannes
4) Schindler's List
5) Life is Beautiful

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Don Cox said...

Try also "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis" (1970).