Friday, December 18, 2009

Angry and Stupid

As'ad Abu Khara (Happiest Father of Shit) warns: "Interpreting for the occupation may be bad for your health"

Do people understand why I dislike this guy so much?  Even intellectuals among the Arabs who condemned Saddam seem to be mentally retarded when discussing Iraq and unwilling to condemn the "resistance" that fights "occupation" by killing Iraqis.

LA Times:
After the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. military discovered that rebuilding the country and confronting an insurgency required a weapon not in its arsenal: thousands of interpreters.

To fill the gap, the Pentagon turned to Titan Corp., a San Diego defense contractor, which eventually hired more than 8,000 interpreters, most of them Iraqis.

For $12,000 a year, these civilians served as the voice of America's military, braving sniper fire and roadside bombs. Insurgents targeted them for torture and assassination. Many received military honors for their heroism.

At least 360 interpreters employed by Titan or its successor company were killed between March 2003 and March 2008, and more than 1,200 were injured. The death toll was far greater than that suffered by the armed forces of any country in the American-led coalition other than the United States. Scores of interpreters assisting U.S. forces in Afghanistan also have been killed or wounded.'

Arabs and Arab Americans don't seem to care about US efforts to help Iraqis to rebuild their country.  Arabs like As'ad Abu Khera seem to care only for the "resistance" that fights "occupation".  Do these schmucks read Iraqi blogs other than Layla Anwar's?

Iraq Pundit:  

The man said young people don't know that Iraq was a good country before it was destroyed by Saddam. "Remember the invasion of 2003?" the man asked. "Iraqis welcomed the Americans and threw flowers at them." He stood up to make his point. "Do you know anyone who would welcome an invader?" I don't know. "A people would have to be reduced so much in order to throw flowers at invading troops."

So who will the man vote for? "I don't know," he said. "But at least I have a choice."


Dolly said...

Did you peep that article today about the Iraqi guy who got his eyes shot out by a resistance sniper while he was driving supplies to the Crusaders? Fun.

If you think about it, this is highly bizarre behavior on your (Iraqi) part, volunteering services for the foreign occupier. Have you ever seen anything like it? Historically in the homo sapiens?

If you feel too weak to resolve the occupation, then at least shut up and let them pillage, you don't have to actively volunteer to die for Uncle Sam.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The resistance has killed a lot of Iraqis, many times more than the number of US soldiers killed. Most victims of the "resistance" have been civilians. Talk about weak!

None of my relatives have been murdered by Uncle Sam. Many were murdered by Saddam, and we would have also been murdered had we stayed. America offered us freedom when Saddam's Iraq threatened to kill us.

If one uses logic, one would deduce that it is natural for me to side with Uncle Sam and not with the people who imprisoned and murdered my relatives and led Iraq to war and ruin. But the Wahhabi-influenced jarab do not understand logic, it seems.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The Wahhabis are supposed to forget that the Kingdom of 3arab jarab invited "Crusaders" into the land of Mecca and Medina in 1991, and the Saudis supplied them with plenty, pretty much paid for all their expenses. The hypocrisy of the "resistance" is quite astounding, no?

Maury said...

"Did you peep that article today about"

Dolly can read? Someone please explain to her that the occupation is over. Use single syllable words with less than five letters. Some sheep are incapable of learning.

Anonymous said...

IraqiMojo I do not understand what you said about Saudia Arabia. My father used to work there so I lived there for about 10 years. Granted I lived in an American compound virtually isolated from the rest of society, but I did experience KSA and have some idea about that place. It is true that is a disgusting repressive regime. Nobody disagrees with that.

I also traveled in the Arab countries and have many Arab friends. I do not know of any that like or support the Saudi family. Most of them hate the Saudis and call them American puppets just like they call the Iraqi government a bunch of puppets.

I also know the Arabs love Hassan Nasrallah and all polls indicate he is the most popular leader in the Arab world. So it seems the conclusion is that Arabs do not hate Shia or any group. They seem to be opposed to Israel and US Foreign Policy. They support whoever resists the US and Israel and condemn as traitors anyone who works with them. And to be honest with you it makes alot of sense to me.

Stop playing the Shia card. The facts are not on your side.

Anonymous said...

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Freeq said...


So the Arabs supported Saddam, the father of a genocidal spectacle or two, because he spat in the American eye, eh?

What bitter and miserable people they must be. You should find some more evolved friends.

Iraqi Mojo said...

" Most of them hate the Saudis and call them American puppets just like they call the Iraqi government a bunch of puppets. "

And how many Saudi security forces have the brave Arab resistance killed? How many Saudis got sniped while driving supplies to the Crusaders? Oh that's right, Saudis don't do that kind of work - they hire Filipinos, Pakistanis, and Indians to do the dirty work for them.

How many suicide bombers have blown up Saudi police stations for protecting the King who invited Crusaders into the House of Islam?

How many Saudi markets have the brave Arab resistance bombed in order to force ordinary Saudis to be angry with their government for being unable to protect them?

How many mujahideen did the brave Arab resistance send to fight the puppet government of Qatar, which hosts CENTCOM and a few Starbucks? Do the Arabs know what CENTCOM is? Do they care?

Are the Arabs blind? Are they completely stupid? Are they all talk? Or are they happy being the hypocrites they are?

العرب منافقين

Anonymous said...

IraqiMojo you're questions are largely rhetorical and pre-packaged. I do not claim to be an expert on the Arab world but I am not completely unaware of Arab politics. Like I said I did spend some time there and did much studying on my own as I am fascinated by the Arabs and their history.

First of all, I am not one those Americans who you will score points with by engaging in anti-Arab diatribes. As an Irish-American Catholic Im well aware of the scourge of racism our country has experienced and continues to experience. As a result and because of my upbrining I am opposed to all forms of bigotry including, and especially, that which is advanced by a member of a minority against his own heritage. Its self-demeaning and insulting too all Americans.

You seem to have personal issues that you are dealing with and I have nothing to do with that.

You ran away from the issue. I pointed out to you that Arabs are not as sectarian as you are and to stop playing the Shia card. In fact there has been many attacks in KSA. If it seems there has been more in Iraq that's because our governmment dismantled the state institutions and it became a free for all for everyone in the entire region. This is unlike the other Arab states that have strong security forces and an iron fist. There were no suicide bombers in Iraq prior to the US invasion, an invasion you apparently support because you want to use American tax dollars and blood to get rid of a dictator you did not like and you viewed our invasion as an opportunity for your own sect to take power.

Anonymous said...

There has been much turmoil in the Arab world. The Lebanese civil war saw its own atrocities. The western colonial powers have brought death and destruction for centuries on this region. You seem to only be concerned with one form of violence emanating from one specific group which makes you a hypocrite.

As an American I dont find your expressions of patriotism and love America very sincere. Like I said it appears you are enjoying our latest imperialist war because it has been waged against someone from your "other" side of the tracks. Your politics are neither informed nor morally sound.

As an American I reject you and reject your bigotry. I find you despicable and I resent your definition of American patriotism as supporting war.

My father marched against Vietnam. He served in the armed forces. He and my mother and son marched against this war on Iraq a generation later. We love this country and that's why we condemn its unjust wars. You neither love Iraq or America and you are a disgrace to both. Leave the US. We do not need you here and do not believe in your patriotism.

Iraqi Mojo said...

American patriotism? Supporting war? Where do you schmucks come from and what have you been reading?

C.H. said...

"You neither love Iraq or America and you are a disgrace to both."

This statement makes you the most blatant hypocrite of all. You are claiming that those of us who support democracy in Iraq attack opponents as "unpatriotic", but you are doing exactly that to the people you disagree with.

How many marches did you organize to protest the sanctions in Iraq that murdered hundreds of thousands of people? I'm guessing would probably be content if we had continued it.

Iraqi Mojo said...

" In fact there has been many attacks in KSA."

I read about the Saudi guy who hid explosives in his underwear. He didn't even manage to kill his ONE target! I've read about a few other attacks, but none have resulted in the mass murder of civilians at markets, as happened in Iraq so many times. The Wahhabi scum of earth have not mass murdered Saudi civilians as a result of blowing up a single Saudi police station.

Please tell us more about attacks inside KSA. What you saw in the movie "The Kingdom" is fiction; it did not happen.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"You seem to only be concerned with one form of violence emanating from one specific group which makes you a hypocrite."

That violence waged by the Wahhabi and Saddamist scum of earth continues to kill innocent Iraqis, many months after US troops withdrew from Iraqi cities. Saddamists imprisoned and murdered our friends in relatives in the 80s. Saddam's shitty regime mass murdered more Iraqis in the 1990s. None of my relatives were killed by Americans, except for my mom's auntie, whose death can be blamed on sanctions. I wrote about that: The First American War Against Iraq. The brave Arab resistance didn't put up much of a fight in 1991, did they? The brave Arab resistance did not attack Saudis and Qataris for hosting "crusader" soldiers, did they? Man, talk about hypocrisy!

You want me to discuss Palestine? I have: Palestine

" We do not need you here and do not believe in your patriotism."

My anger, this blog, has nothing to do with American patriotism, schmuck. I hate the people who continue to mass murder innocent Iraqis. I hate the people who fight democracy in Iraq and call it "resistance". Pull your head out of your butt and read my blog, schmuck.

Iraqi Mojo said...

In all likelihood, the two anonymous posts above were left by the 3arab jarab of Moreno Valley, California. The schmuck uses language I've seen before, like "pre-packaged", and he doesn't know how to use punctuation, which symbolizes his stupidity.

Try again, zmal.

شلون زمال

Anonymous said...

IraqiMojo hope you had a Merry Christmas. I noticed you wished your "Jewish" and "Christian" friends a good holiday,but I do not believe you at all. If you have this much bigotry toward your own fellow Arabs and Muslims I suspect your well wishes to the Christians and Jews is another phony gesture.

I told you before bigotry towards Arabs and Sunni Muslims may win you some friends with a few select Americans, but not with this one. Fortunately I have come to know the Arabs and you are not representative of them. They are polite and courteous.

And calling me "Shmuck" does not make you sound American. Stop trying so hard.

Anonymous said...

As for the arguments: You ignored them. Lets try again, what do you say? Im going to give you another chance to engage in polite debate.

ISSUE A- I said Arabs are not sectarian and anti-Shia. I pointed out that Sayid Hassan Nasrallah is the most popular Arab. You did not respond to this fact.

ISSUE B- You say Arabs are hypocrites because they do not engage in terrorism in KSA. I pointed out Iraq was dismembered and no country exists making it a free for all. You did not respond to this fact either. I also pointed out there were terrorists attacks in other places.

ISSUE C- You keep pointing out that Arab regimes are American puppets and call Arabs hypocrites for attacksing the puppet regime in Baghdad. But I pointed out Arabs consider all those regimes in KSA, Egypt, Jordan, and others Sheikdoms to be American puppets also. Ex: Starbucks may exist in those places but these regimes did not ask their people if they want Starbucks there. Right? So there is no hypocrisy.

Finally, you have attacked Arab Americans for living here and opposing US foreign policy and war on Iraq. What's wrong with that? I welcome all American citizens into the anti-war movement, Arabs and others. They are more genuinely American patriots than you will ever be. Youre a fraud. Your American patriotism is supporting a US war paid for by US blood and treasure simply because it is killing people you have a problem with.

I know you found a select few Americans to support you. They are very few and I suspect even they realize how phony and insincere you are, but find you to be a useful idiot.

Anonymous said...

Im Irish American, originally from Chicago and currently living in Carlsbad California and you would not be rude to me in person. This is your last chance for polite debate if you are capable.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I guess even Irish Americans can miss the point entirely and be quite stupid. I do not support war, schmuck. I support democracy. The people I'd like to see dead or in prison are the ones who have been trying to destroy democracy by mass murdering innocent Iraqis. It does not matter who kills the murderers or who imprisons them. It would be nice if Iraqis eliminate the criminals on their own. This will happen one day, and America is helping Iraq in this effort. The Americans are helping Iraqis help themselves, and within two years the US will have withdrawn all its military from Iraq. So stop bombing markets ya 3arab jarab.

Meanwhile in other ARab nations the US military presence is not criticized; their hosts are not attacked as "traitors"; their cafes are not bombed. The Arabs (and apparently at least one Irish American) are a bunch of hypocrites. Complete schmucks, evidently.

Anand said...

Irish American, I read your comments and am still trying to make up my mind about you.

You are dead wrong to accuse Mojo of being "sectarian." Please apologize to him.

My questions to you are:
1) Do you support violent attacks against Iraqi political parties you disagree with?
2) Do you support violent attacks against the duly elected legitimate Iraqi government? {The government that was elected in UN run elections.}
3) Do you support violent attacks against the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police that are loyal to the elected Iraqi Government?

Mind that your beloved Nasrallah publicly strongly supports the elected Iraqi Government which he declares is fully legitimate. He also publicly deplores all violent attacks against the elected Iraqi Government, its Iraqi Army and its Iraqi Police.

My question to you is if you have the basic human decency to publicly endorse the same positions that Sayyed Nasrallah has supported.

How you answer these questions will determine how the rest of us view you.

Iraqi Mojo said...

"Nasrallah publicly strongly supports the elected Iraqi Government which he declares is fully legitimate. He also publicly deplores all violent attacks against the elected Iraqi Government, its Iraqi Army and its Iraqi Police."

Thanks Anand, I forgot to mention that to the "Irish American". LOL

C.H. said...

"I said Arabs are not sectarian and anti-Shia. I pointed out that Sayid Hassan Nasrallah is the most popular Arab. You did not respond to this fact."

I am no more an expert on Arab public opinion than you are, but you might find this interesting.

"Poll shows Arabs fear Iran more than Israel"

We all know, of course, that Hassan Nasrallah is the biggest Iranian puppet in the ME.

Iraqi Mojo said...

The ONLY reason Hassan Nasrallah is popular among Arabs is because he has confronted Israel, and Hizballah has been able to keep IDF out of Lebanon.

The sectarianism of the Arabs is evident in their reactions to the mass murder of Iraqi Shia, who've been maimed and murdered in the most horrific ways in their markets, cafes, bakeries, weddings, and even funerals. There have been 1,700 suicide bombings in Iraq. These suicide bombers have been Arab Muslims, mostly from outside of Iraq. And these Arab extremists continue to attack Iraqis, Iraqi security forces, and the Iraqi government.

The Arab reaction to the madness in Iraq has been anger, mostly directed at the American and Iraqi governments. Arab anger at Israel's bombing of Lebanon and then Gaza was much greater and much more pronounced.

The American and Iraqi governments deserve some blame and criticism for the violence in Iraq, but clearly there is something quite wrong with a culture that allows the mass murder of innocent Iraqis like this. I have never read a post from any non-Iraqi Arab or Arab American strongly condemning the actions of ARAB terrorists waging war on innocent ARABS who happen to be Shia. The closest to condemnation from non-Iraqi Arabs I have seen has come from tgia, and I applaud him for his efforts. But I see something wrong with the Arabs in general, who for the most part continue to complain about US "occupation" without doing or even saying anything in condemnation of Arab extremists who continue to wage a sectarian war to control Iraq.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I guess the only reason the Arabs supported Saddam was because he confronted Israel (once) and he confronted America (twice). The Arabs don't give a shit about what happens to Iraqis - they will praise anybody who fights Israel and America.

Anonymous said...

Iraqimojo I am not the only Irish-American who opposes the presence of US troops in Mesopotamia or Afghanistan or anywhere else where our security is not threatened. At this point the entire country with the exception of a select few Neo-Cons and the Israeli lobby are tired of wasting American blood and treasure on an unjustified war that brought nothing but misery to the Iraqi people and shame to America.

This was the second chance I gave you to have a polite debate and you are simply incapable of doing so. You do not understand what you read at all. You are very angry and upset. I think you have personal issues to deal with.

Arabs are not sectarian monsters as you make them out to be. Thats obvious. Stop repeating the Neo-Con media. They are opposed to Foreign occupation as all people are. The only reason you supported the US invasion is because you enjoy watching the US kill Sunni Arabs. You are a disgrace to Arabs and Americans.

I told you before, your expressions of patriotism for this country are transparently fake. Nobody believes you. Even the select few who you think are your friends most likely realize what you are all about but find you to be a useful idiot.

Why not get out of the US? We do not need you here. The tyrant that oppressed your family is gone. Please leave. We have enough stupidity and barbarity to contend with without another member of a minority trying to fit into America by supporting its wars and waving its flag. The America we want is very different than the America you feign loving and the Iraq you want is also a different Iraq than the Iraqis wish for. What a disgrace to Iraqis, Americans, and Humanity in general.

Anonymous said...

Iraqimojo I will not return here. I read your posts a few times and they became redundant. Twice I offered you a chance to have a discussion and you failed. Here is what you need to work on:

A---Work on your personal issues. Your sectarianism and bigotry is eating you alive. My family supported the IRA but we never spoke of Protestants as you speak of your fellow Muslims. It does not appear to be political as I know Arabs better than most other Americans. It appears to be personal.

B----Read some history and try to gain some knowledge of the Arab world. You seem very lacking in that area.

C---stop trying so hard to fit into America. You are overcompensating for your minority status. This is a great country despite the crimes it has committed. Minorities do better here than anywhere else and all you have to do is pay your taxes and follow the law. Waving a flag, rooting for war, and using American slang will not make you more American.

Relax. I wish you well. Bye

Iraqi Mojo said...

Dear Anonymous zmal,

I don't really believe you are Irish American. But the truth is I don't care if you are Irish American, Arab American, Chinese American, or ordinary clueless American. My feelings about the 3arab jarab and their incredible hypocrisy has nothing to do with "patriotism".

But you got the personal part right, zmal.

I left this comment on another blog, about Tony Blair's arguments for overthrowing Saddam:

"I completely agree with Tony Blair. I wish they had used the moral argument all along. Certainly many Iraqis were, and some of them were probably willing to lie about WMD, or speculate and wonder what Saddam would do, because they were convinced that the world had a moral duty to end the tyranny, which did last much longer than necessary, if I may add my own opinion on the matter. The regime should have been overthrown in 1991. It would have been easier. There was no Al Qaeda back then, and I wonder if Al Qaeda would have taken shape like it did. The US should have dealt with Saddam as the criminal he was in 1991 when the US & allies had almost a million troops(!), instead of allowing him to stay in power for another 12 years, and on top of that enforcing cruel sanctions, while Saddam built dozens of palaces! The injustice is so messed up when I recall it, so wrong that so many people ignored the crimes of Saddam's regime for so long. "

Iraqi Mojo said...

But they did call it "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

The Arabs have tried hard to destroy that freedom, in order to prove that Iraqis had it better under Saddam. Most Iraqis see through your BS, thankfully.

Anand said...

Mojo, why call the Irish one "zmal"?

I was thinking of calling the Irish Hmar Kherra, but then Kherra smells a lot nicer.

Irish Hmar, you sound like a non Iraqi Sunni Arab. Let go your anger and bigotry. Let go your hate; set yourself free.

Mojo is one of the least racist people I have ever met. He likes Sunni Arabs. Sunni Arab woman like him. He is an amazingly decent human being. His family has many Sunni Arab friends. America is lucky to have a citizen like Mojo. he genuinely loves and understands America. Do you comprehend what love of country and patriotism even mean?

Please apologize to Mojo. You would be lucky to have a friend like him.

I think one of the reasons you so dislike Mojo is because he supports the Iraqi Army. As you know, the Iraqi Army is 31% sunni Arab, even though perhaps 18% of all Iraqis are Sunni Arabs. The Iraqi Army is also nonsectarian, which is a major reason why sectarian non Iraqi Sunni Arabs fear and hate it so much.

The Iraqi Army freed Iraq from the scum of the earth and sent them fleeing to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all the other dark corners that tried to destroy Iraqi.

The Iraqi Army has won. It has defeated the worthless slime that you so admire. You lost. Your friends lost. Even if America tried to stab the Iraqis in the back, it doesn't matter anymore. The Iraqi Army has already won.

"B----Read some history and try to gain some knowledge of the Arab world. You seem very lacking in that area." Mojo knows a hundred times more about the Arab world and Arab history than you do.

"wasting American blood and treasure on an unjustified war that brought nothing but misery to the Iraqi people and shame to America." Iraq is free today. Iraq won her freedom. America's role is far smaller than you think. Iraqis have played a much larger role in winning her freedom than America played in winning American freedom.

America's freedom was won by French, Dutch and Spanish blood and treasure.

In any case, the Iraqis played it well. They convinced (manipulated if you like) America to train, equip and pay for the Iraqi Army. Absolutely brilliant. Now that America is leaving, Iraq will soon have the greatest and most powerful military in recorded Arab history. Salut Iraq I say.

You know Irish Hmar, I wonder if you would have the gall to say what you do, if you were in front of one of the lions who serve in the Iraqi Army. Not having your teeth after-wards would be the least of your problems.

Do you really think you are one tenth the man that the heroes of the Iraqi Army are?

Freeeq said...


I don't think you're Irish-American either. Irish Americans aren't hung up on the 'Israel lobby'

And really, who is bringing misery to the Iraqi people? American troops or those terrorist bombers that make the news every day?

Dolly said...

Anand said:
the Iraqis played it well. They convinced (manipulated if you like) America
to train, equip and pay for the Iraqi Army. Absolutely brilliant.

Yes, yes. But the truly ingenious part was when 12,000 Iraqi puppet forces died fighting for America.

This smart manipulation caught Americans totally off guard, as they were forced to sit back and laugh,
as the Shia lined up around the block to die for Texas.

Anand said:
Irish Hmar, I wonder if you would have the gall to say what you do, if you were in front of one of the lions who serve in the Iraqi Army.
Not having your teeth after-wards would be the least of your problems.

If you're going to threaten with violence in this manner, then don't complain afterwards when
some Iraqi Army 'heroes' a.k.a. baboons are blown up with a truck bomb.

You remind me of those American retards that call for "War" and say "no quarter," and then they cry foul after the Fort Hood raid

Iraqi Mojo said...

"During the [1991] Gulf War Ibn Baaz issued fatwa allowing the deployment of non-Muslim troops on Saudi Arabia soil to defend the Kingdom from the Iraqi army. Some noted that this was in contrast to his opinion in the 1940s, when he contradicted the government policy of Islamically allowing non-Muslims to be employed on Saudi soil.[12]"