Friday, December 11, 2009

Gates to Maliki: "I feel your pain"

'In Baghdad Thursday, Gates was confronted by another delay: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, consumed with parliamentary outrage over a series of bombings Tuesday that left 127 dead, canceled plans for a meeting, and Gates cooled his heels at the U.S. embassy for several hours waiting to see if Maliki might finally be available.

Being kept waiting is yet one more sign that visiting Americans are increasingly less important to Iraqi officials. But the normally late-rising prime minister graciously rescheduled the meeting for 7:50 Friday morning so Gates could keep to his planned schedule in northern Iraq the rest of the day. Gates, who spent 14 hours last week testifying before Congress on President Obama's new plan for Afghanistan, told Maliki he understood the necessity of dealing with legislative concerns. "I feel your pain," he said.'

Meanwhile, the Angry Arab corresponds with the Iraqi "resistance" as other Arab Americans continue their KABOBfest. The non-Iraqi Arabs in general don't seem to be concerned with the mass murder of Iraqis. I guess I should not be surprised.

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