Monday, December 14, 2009

Arabs angry about US intervention in Iraqi Parliament

As'ad Abu Khalil wrote today: "Some Iraqi members of puppet parliament, including Muwaffaq Ar-Rubay`i, are protesting the intervention by US and UK ambassadors in Iraqi puppet parliamentary affairs. Some are asking for restrictions on their movement. Yes, and you may ask US troops to implement your orders."

I suppose the Lebanese American professor in California would rather see Parliamentary deadlock in Baghdad, which might lead to further conflict, than to see Americans helping Iraqis to agree on an election law.

It seems that As'ad would rather see civil war in Iraq or a return to tyranny in Iraq (the Arab way) than to see American diplomats intervening in the Iraqi Parliament to resolve an impasse that would have threatened to derail plans for an election early next year. The Arabs are angry at America and at the Arabs who cooperate with America, even if that cooperation leads to peace in Iraq. It is sad.


Anonymous said...

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Iraqi Mojo said...

Are you sexually attracted to the people you hate?

K said...

Great answer for el dumbass Mojo!