Friday, December 25, 2009

WSJ Reports: Sectarian Violence Continues in Iraq

Sectarian Violence Continues in Iraq

"Attacks in the capital and the southern town of Hilla killed at least 26 in Iraq on Thursday and Friday, with religious-tinged violence ticking up as Christmas coincided this year with one of Shiite Islam's most important observances.

Ashura, a 10-day commemoration of the death of the Prophet Mohammed's grandson, one of Shiite Islam's most revered figures, culminates Sunday. Hundreds of thousands of Shiite pilgrims stream to the Iraqi cities Karbala and Najaf, providing a convenient target for sect-based violence."

Meanwhile the Arabs continue their KABOBfest and they continue to complain about US "occupation" and "imperialism".


Anonymous said...

dear Mojo,
I am not discouraged by the continued violence in Iraq because it cannot break the strenght of the Iraqi democracy, and desire for national unity.India's democracy thrives, and so will Iraq's.Hail Iraq !

Anonymous said...

Today Iranian police attacked over 200 protesters during ASHURA.
In the past, the Iranian government has prevented people for holding funerals for dead protesters killed by baseeji dogs, and will not allow third, seventh and fourtieth day commemorations of their deaths (according to Shia custom) in any mosque or husseiniya in Iran. This is Islamic Republic government's style of Shi'ism.

Anonymous said...

Preventing people from holding funerals for dead protestors has been condemned by some leading reformist clerics, but Khamenei and Ahmadinejad continue their terror and tyranny.

Dolly said...

bushtheliberator (lol@name) has earlier admitted he is an old man, so you can't really take his dementia-infused thoughts seriously.

Good thing Shi'ites got killed in Napakistan today, who says there is no good news

Anonymous said...

You're named after a sheep that was SUPPOSEDLY cloned , but with Sunni Superiority Sufferers ,it's better if what happens in the barn,stays in the barn.