Sunday, December 20, 2009

What motivates suicide bombers?

'In September 2007 when American forces raided an Iraqi insurgent camp in the desert town of Singar near the Syrian border they discovered biographies of more than seven hundred foreign fighters. The Americans were surprised to find that 137 were Libyans and 52 of them were from a small Libyan town of Darnah. The reason why so many of Darnah’s young men had gone to Iraq for suicide missions was not the global jihadi ideology, but an explosive mix of desperation, pride, anger, sense of powerlessness, local tradition of resistance and religious fervor. A similar mix of factors is now motivating young Pashtuns to volunteer for suicide missions in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

...The actions of the US prison guards at Abu Ghraib played on what it meant to be an honorable, self-respecting subject in Iraqi society. The disciplinary practices humiliated the prisoners, but were also felt and seen as humiliating to all Iraqis. In the months following the release of the Abu Ghraib photos, daily suicide bombing attacks in Iraq increased dramatically.'

Apparently these suicide bombers who were influenced by photos of abuse at Abu Ghraib did not know that Iraqis were treated much worse at Abu Ghraib and other Iraqi prisons between 1980 and 2003.  Or maybe it's just OK for Muslims to kill other Muslims. 

PS: Photos of abuse at Abu Ghraib were released a few months after Saddam was captured and just weeks before the first hearing of the special tribunal to try Saddam:


Iraqi Mojo said...

'Tamil people (Tamil: தமிழர், tamiḻar [?]), also called Tamils or Tamilians, are an ethnic group native to Tamil Nadu, a state in India, and the north-eastern region of Sri Lanka. They speak Tamil (தமிழ்), with a recorded history going back two millennia.[8] Emigrant communities are found across the world. The Tamils are mostly Hindus with sizable Christian and Muslim populations.'


'The LTTE pioneered the use of concealed suicide bomb vests.[166] According to Jane's Information Group, between 1980 and 2000, the LTTE carried out 168 suicide attacks causing heavy damage on economic and military targets.

Many of these attacks have involved military objectives in the north and east of the country, although civilians have been targeted on numerous occasions, including during a high profile attack on Colombo's International Airport in 2001 that caused damage to several commercial airliners and military jets, and killed 16 people.[167] The LTTE was also responsible for a 1998 attack on the Buddhist shrine, and UNESCO world heritage site, Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy that killed 8 worshipers. The attack was symbolic in that the shrine, which houses a sacred tooth of the Buddha, is the holiest Buddhist shrine in Sri Lanka.[168] Other Buddhist shrines have been attacked, notably the Sambuddhaloka Temple in Colombo that killed 9 worshipers.[169]

Relatively speaking, there have been fewer operations in the south where most of the Sinhalese live, including the capital Colombo, although such attacks have often engaged high-profile targets and attracted much international publicity as a result.[170]

The LTTE's Black Tigers has been attributed with the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, who was killed in 1991 using a prototype suicide vest, and Ranasinghe Premadasa, assassinated in 1993.[145]

The LTTE is responsible for forcibly removing, or "ethnically cleansing",[171][172] Sinhalese and Muslim inhabitants from areas under its control, and using violence against those who refuse to leave. The evictions happened in the north in 1990, and the east in 1992. Tamil sources openly state:

Islam, however, is not being practiced presently [In Tamil Eelam], as the Muslims have been asked to leave the Tamil Eelam territory until the independence of Tamil Eelam. The Muslims supported the aggressive Sri Lankan Sinhala and Muslim Military against the freedom of Tamil Eelam.[173]

Ironically, however, Muslim and Tamil communities in the North of Sri Lanka had participated together in the early days of the Tamil movement, and Muslim ironmongers in Mannar fashioned weapons for the LTTE, and local Tamil leaders were disturbed at the LTTE’s call for the eviction of Muslims.[174] However, as Tamil intellectuals began viewing Muslims as outsiders, rather than a part of the Tamil nation as they had been referred to previously, the LTTE undertook its anti-Muslim campaigns.'


Maury said...

It's probably best not trying to get into the mind of suicide bombers Mojo. The 9/11 attackers spent their last night at a titty bar. They could let their hair down,because everything would be forgiven as soon as they murdered 3000 innocent people. Plus,they would be rewarded with 72 strippers with big brown eyes. That's pretty heady stuff for a 32 yr. old virgin.

Maury said...

Good news just in. The tussle over an oil field won't escalate into another Iran/Iraq war. At least not this time.

atheedieumerci said...

Sorry for being of topic but this is important news.
After having screamed "blood libel' and anti-Semitism' all they could at whomever dared mentioning it:

Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs

"Israel has admitted that pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others without the consent of their families – a practice that it said ended in the 1990s, it emerged at the weekend.

The admission, by the former head of the country's forensic institute, followed a furious row prompted by a Swedish newspaper reporting that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs – a charge that Israel denied and called "antisemitic".

The revelation, in a television
documentary, is likely to generate anger in the Arab and Muslim world and reinforce sinister stereotypes of Israel and its attitude to Palestinians. Iran's state-run Press TV tonight reported the story, illustrated with photographs of dead or badly injured Palestinians"


atheedieumerci said...

Sorry for the broken link:


Maury said...

Nothing new here atheist. The guy interviewed lost his post when the organ harvesting came to light five years ago. I'm pretty sure the cry of anti-semitism was in response to the allegation Israel killed Palestinians for their organs. In fact,Israel was an equal-opportunity organ harvester....LOL.

Dolly said...

The target on 9/11 were not those specific people, i.e. "zOMG, we killed window washer #1 but our real target: window washer #2 escaped!"
That's not the point. It is just an attack on the U.S., on random people there.

Shaykh Osama bin Laden (hafizahu llah) said:
"Those who kill our innocent, we kill their innocent. Until they refrain."

So, nobody is denying that those people were selected randomly. Even bin Laden is telling you that those 3000
were not any more or less guilty than the general population.

But you're not looking at the big picture.
The point is, you didn't take killing seriously until it reached your shores.
So this is the correct methodology, and the significance of this attack is appreciated by muslims and non-muslims alike.
The mujahideen will lift the tyranny of the Taghut America off of mankind as a whole.

Maury said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Dolly,try not to strain yourself with all those Hosanna's.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Merry Christmas Maury! Happy holidays to all.

Iraqi Mojo said...

Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think
by John L. Esposito and Dalia Mogahed

'Are we on the verge of an all-out war between the West and 1.3 billion Muslims? When the media searches for an answer to that question, they usually overlook the actual views of the world's Muslims.

Who Speaks for Islam? is about this silenced majority. This book is the product of the Gallup World Poll's massive, multiyear research study. As part of this groundbreaking project, Gallup conducted tens of thousands of interviews with residents of more than 35 nations that are predominantly Muslim or have significant Muslim populations.

Gallup posed questions that are on the minds of millions: Is Islam to blame for terrorism? Why is there so much anti-Americanism in the Muslim world? Who are the extremists? Where are the moderates? What do Muslim women really want?

Grounded in Gallup World Poll data, not in contentious rhetoric, Who Speaks for Islam? brings data-driven evidence -- the voices of a billion Muslims, not those of individual "experts" or "extremists" -- to one of the most heated and consequential debates of our time.

Counterintuitive Discoveries in Who Speaks for Islam?

Who speaks for the West?
Muslims around the world do not see the West as monolithic. They criticize or celebrate countries based on their politics, not based on their culture or religion.

Dream jobs
When asked to describe their dreams for the future, Muslims don't mention fighting in a jihad, but rather getting a better job.

Radical rejection
Muslims and Americans are equally likely to reject attacks on civilians as morally unjustified.

Religious mainstream
Those who condone acts of terrorism are a minority and are no more likely to be religious than the rest of the population.

Admiration of the West
What Muslims around the world say they most admire about the West is its technology and its democracy -- the same two top responses given by Americans when asked the same question.

Critique of the West
What Muslims around the world say they least admire about the West is its perceived moral decay and breakdown of traditional values -- the same responses given by Americans when posed the same question.

Gender justice
Muslim women want equal rights and religion in their societies.

Muslims around the world say that the one thing the West can do to improve relations with their societies is to moderate their views toward Muslims and respect Islam.

Clerics and constitutions
The majority of those surveyed want religious leaders to have no direct role in crafting a constitution, yet favor religious law as a source of legislation.'

David All said...

Important to note that the story about Israeli harvesting of organs was that in the 1990s, Israeli doctors took organs from not only dead Palestinians, but dead Israelis as well. All those whose organs were taken from were already dead, no one, Palestinian or Israeli were killed for their organs as the original blood libel story in the Swedish newspaper charged. The offense of the Israeli doctors was not asking the relatives of the deceased for permission to remove organs from their dead family members. In the 1990s this dubious practice was used by doctors in numerous countries including the United States. The organs removed were sometimes used for transplants, but more often used for medical study.

David All said...

Mojo, about the number of suicide bombers in Iraq as compared to those in Israel. It seems that while the Sunni Arab world is very vocal about the Palestinians, their actions with the suicide bombers indicate that they are really more concerned about a democratic Iraq controlled by the Shia majority & the Kurdish minority. It probably be better to judge the Sunni Arab countries by their actions rather than their rhetoric.

Mojo, thanks for the information about the LTTE. Good to remember that it was a non-Muslim, mostly Hindu, group that originated suicide bombings. Had not known that the LTTE had driven out the Muslims from the part of Sri Lanka they controlled. Their recent defeat after a bloody insurgency that lasted more than 25 years is great news for Sri Lanka, provided that the Sinhalese Buddhist majority can bring itself to treat the Tamil minority decently.