Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lowest monthly death toll since 2003

The US relationship with Iraq has been stormy for the last three decades, but it appears that today America is determined to stabilize Iraq and make sure democracy takes hold in Baghdad. Although some journalists have tried to minimize America's role, it seems clear that the US strategy since 2006 has helped reduce the violence in Iraq. I'm glad America didn't cut and run, like we did in 1991.

'Fewer Iraqi civilians were killed in November as a result of war-related violence than in any other month since the U.S.-led invasion began nearly seven years ago, a CNN count of Iraqi government figures shows.

At least 88 Iraqi civilians were killed during the month, an Interior Ministry official said Tuesday -- a figure compiled from data from the ministries of Health, Defense and the Interior.

Sporadic spectacular attacks -- such as the suicide bombings targeting government buildings in August and October -- continue to claim hundreds of lives and shake confidence in the abilities of Iraq's security forces.

But violence has been steadily dropping across the country over the past two years, and the number reflects the hope that stability and peace are on the horizon in that nation.'

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