Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maliki brought security to Iraq?

I guess if one compares the situation to 2006 and 2007, security has improved a great deal in Iraq. But I hope Iraqi leaders can do even better than what Maliki's government has done in terms of security.

'As one guy hacked away with his scythe at the weeds and unwanted growth, the other was picking up rubbish. "Iraq is a country of good things," he said. "Inshallah it will get even better." I asked who they would vote for in the elections. Without hesitating, they both said, "Al Maliki."

Why Al Maliki? "Because he brought security to the country," said one. "And nobody has said that he is dirty like the others," the other man added. What about the Hakims, Sadr, or Allawi? They said Iraqis will not survive under sectarian leaders such as the Hakims or Sadr. And Allawi? "No. He's in agreement with the Baathists."

What about the oil deals? "Honestly, we have never in our lives seen any of the oil money." They doubted that any government would make a difference in that regard. But the money from oil will help repair the country and give people jobs. "We'll be better than the Gulf countries." Even, everyone's favourite, Dubai? "Inshallah better than Dubai." '

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