Monday, December 21, 2009

Iran wants reparations too?

I thought it was just Kuwait and KSA who wanted Iraq to continue to pay them for Saddam's mistakes.

'Iran complains that Iraq owes it billions of dollars in reparations from the Iran-Iraq war as both sides search for political solutions to an oil-well seizure.

Iranian forces seized an oil well near the border in the southern Iraqi province of Maysan on Friday. The incident raised concerns that Tehran was subverting U.S. influence in Iraq by such brazen measures, though Iraqi and U.S. military officials downplayed the event as commonplace along the disputed border.

As political discussions unfolded, Hossein Ebrahmi, an Iranian lawmaker on Parliament's National Security and
Foreign Policy Committee, told the Mehr News Agency that Tehran was still upset over the billions of dollars that Baghdad has yet to pay for "initiating" the Iran-Iraq war.'

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