Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iranians destroyed Iraq?

'Iraqis are increasingly using Facebook as a platform to campaign for their favorite candidates in the 2010 parliamentary elections. 

...On the National Iraqi Front’s page a woman named Wasan Wartan proclaims herself one of the secular voters whose support Mr. Allawi has sought in past elections. She wrote: “Hi everyone, God willing, the liberal Iraqi forces will win this time. God willing, Iraq will move towards a better future and the liberal parties will wipe all the tears off the face of Iraq.” Another member named Taha Tamimy wrote, “Amen, and we will get rid of the Iranians who destroyed our country.” '

What does Taha mean by "get rid of the Iranians"?  This sounds like Saddam when he expelled tens of thousands of Iraqis (aka ethnic cleansing) because they were of Iranian descent.  I doubt Allawi, being Shiite, would allow that to happen again, but it is frightening to see Arabs still saying inflammatory (and quite stupid) things and again blaming the wrong people for the violence in Iraq.  The Iranians have condemned the recent bombings in Baghdad, and the Arab "resistance" continues to mass murder innocent Iraqis,  primarily targeting government, including the Iranian embassy, but killing mostly civilians. 

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Iraqi Mojo said...

'Speaking with the influential As-Sharq Al-Awsat daily, Ahrar Party Leader Ayad Jamal Aldin declared that Iran controls many of the ruling parties in Iraq. He argued that the close ties between the Iraqi government and Iran have not only hurt the Iraqi people but have strained the relationships between Iraq and it's neighbors:

"Many parties who have power now are Iranian in ideology, direction, establishment, funding and belief, so why do you expect that any Arabic regime which has no good relations with Iran to receive you?"

In response to the recent violence and insecurity in Iraq, he also called for reconciliation. He argued that it is critical to have a dialogue with Baathists, especially those responsible for the violence and bloodshed that plague the country. He said that the refusal of the Iraqi government to have any kind of discussion with the Baathists is hurting the Iraqi people.'