Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Our neighbours are the worst"

'Iraq signed with Shell and a Chinese company to develop the Majnoon fields. And today I heard they signed with Russia's Lukoil. Iraq is reportedly going to increase production to 12 million barrels a day, up from 2.5 million today. Funny, I remember people told me that the United States wanted to steal Iraq's oil. Here are some hefty deals signed, none of which is with the United States.

But back to the businessman's point of view. He said Iraq will become the third largest oil producer in the world, and nobody wants that to happen. He said, "Our neighbours are the worst." He pointed to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the other Gulf countries. "They don't want Iraq's oil to compete with theirs. It is in none of their interest to have a successful Iraq. "

The man said a successful Iraq' democracy would frighten those same countries. He said a stable Iraqi economy would threaten the neighbours. That's why the countries that back al-Qaeda, of which he said Saudi Arabia was one, send bombers to make a statement here. The man said Syria let the killers go through their border to enter Iraq. "But the deals were signed, the bombs didn't stop anybody from signing," he said.'

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