Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Politics a threat to security

' “We are witnessing now a new trend of conflict based on political disagreement,” said Dr. Hazim al-Nuaimi, a political analyst in Baghdad. “The election is approaching and the people in charge of security are politicians competing on different lists. That is destroying any cooperation and coordination between them. The result is a security gap and the blood of more innocent Iraqi civilians.”

Vast swaths of the security forces are more loyal to political parties than to the state, according to security officials.

...The government’s public response followed a predictable routine. Dozens of arrests were announced, including members of the security forces, but many were quietly released, according to government officials. Snippets of televised confessions were trumpeted, even as politicians from different ethnic groups outlined contradictory accounts of who was behind the attacks. Syria was blamed by some, mainly Shiites, and Iran blamed by others, mainly Sunnis.'

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