Saturday, July 05, 2008

Reminder: NONE of my relatives murdered by US

On the Palestinian Pundit this comment was addressed to me: "If only Mojo attacked the US crimes & Sectarian death squads in the same manner/passion he attacks the resistance."

I responded: 'Sorry Zara, but none of my relatives have been murdered by the US or "sectarian death squads" (as if Al Qaeda and the "Islamic" Army of Iraq are not sectarian death squads).

Still, I've written about Blackwater and the Dogs of the Shia on my blog. Perhaps you have difficulty with my blaming the Sunni Arabs who incited the civil war in Iraq. I don't blame all Sunni Arabs, but you are sensitive to the truth, and you are sensitive to my attacks on the slime who mass murder Iraqis. I'm sorry if you are offended.

I've written on my blog about my distant relatives who were murdered by a Sunni Arab death squad - they were criminals who stole $20k from our relatives who'd lived in Amriya all their lives, and after taking the money the criminals murdered the father and his son in front of the mother and the son's Sunni Arab wife. She begged for her husband's life, telling the sectarian criminals that she is Sunni. They told her they should kill her too, for marrying an apostate. Then they took off with the family's two cars.

In 2005 my uncles, who grew up in Amriya, received letters from the local "mujahideen" warning them to leave Amriya or be killed. They moved to Najaf, along with their families, where they still live. My uncle's wife's sister was married to a translator and they decided to stay in Baghdad. Just a few weeks after my uncles moved to Najaf, the translator was shot dead in front of his family while buying bread. That happened months before Shia death squads began drilling holes in Sunni heads.

Read my first post to learn what Saddam's regime did to my two cousins in 1980 and my dad's Sunni Arab friend a few years later.

This is the truth, this is what happened to my relatives and our friends. And here you are wanting me to condemn the crimes of the US, as if I'm ok with US crimes in Iraq.'

For the record, and because I've never discussed this specific crime on my blog, even though I've discussed it in the comments: I was horrified by the gang rape and murder of Abeer Hamza al Janabi, but I do not believe all US troops should be punished for the crimes of the sick and twisted soldiers who committed that crime. By the same token, I do not blame all Sunni Arabs for the crimes of Al Qaeda in Iraq, and I don't blame all Iranians, or all Shia, for the crimes of JAM and Badr. I still believe that nonviolence is the way to go, the best way to end the US presence in Iraq, and for Iraq to succeed as a peaceful and prosperous nation.

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