Friday, July 04, 2008

Referendums in the Arab World

Here is a rare (and amusing - scroll down to see the poll) case in which non-Iraqi Arabs embrace democracy. This is an Al Jazeera poll that shows what Arabs are really concerned with these days. After Saddam Hussein was executed, Al Jazeera asked viewers if they agree with the execution. Almost 90% of respondents said "No". I doubt Iraqis were included in that poll. Nor do I believe that Iraqis were included in a 2006 Al Jazeera poll in which half of respondents said they support Usama bin Ladin. I wonder what Algerians think of the 54% of Al Jazeera viewers who said they were in favor of the double suicide bombings in Algiers last year - the results of that poll are scary. Kudos to Al Jazeera for conducting these polls and giving us an insight into what Arabs are thinking. But do Arabs care what Iraqis are thinking? Do they wonder why 87% of Iraqi Kurds and 65% of Iraqi Shia believe the invasion and overthrow of Saddam's regime was right?

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