Monday, March 17, 2008

No we don't miss him

I found this on a facebook group called "I HATE ANYONE WHO LOVES SADDAM HUSSAIN", posted by a guy named Omar. It got me thinking about the Sunni Arabs who don't miss Saddam, and that reminded me of a question on a 2004 poll that was linked to in a comment. The question asked Iraqis to rate their opinion of Saddam Hussein. Only 26% of Sunni Arabs rated Saddam as "Favorable" and 57% rated him as "Unfavorable".

A new poll (Feb 20) shows that Iraqis still have differences in opinion, and they are still divided by sect: "Despite support for cohesion, the country nonetheless is very much divided along sectarian lines. Slightly more than half of Iraqis say they live in Shiite-only or Sunni-only areas (26 percent each); add those who live in predominantly Sunni or Shiite areas and just 15 percent describe themselves as living in mixed locales. This is even though Sunni Arabs account for 30 percent of all Iraqis in this survey, Shiites 51 percent and Kurds (who are Sunnis, but not Arabs) nearly all the rest." My own uncles, who fled Amriya in 2005, still live in Najaf.

Question 8 reveals that from today's perspective and all things considered, 87% of Kurds, 65% of Shia, and just 5% of Sunni Arabs (up from 4% in August) believe the invasion was right. Nobody likes to be invaded by a foreign country. Why do a majority of Kurds and Shia believe the invasion was right? Life must have been horrible for them before 2003, if they believe that a US-led invasion of their country was right. But if Sunni Arabs do not miss Saddam, why do they believe the invasion was wrong? They are no longer dominant. Many of them lost their jobs and have been disenfranchised since the invasion.

Saddam is gone forever, and today Iraqis have other problems to contend with. The Iraqi government must work harder now to reconcile with the Sunni Arabs, so that peace will at long last come to Iraq.

PS: Link to the Most wanted Iraqi cards, for those who don't know where the Ace comes from.

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