Sunday, March 02, 2008

Upside Down Priorities

My father called me earlier, after returning from Paris, where he attended a conference on Iraqi oil. He told me about the conference and I asked him why the Iraqi government does not resurrect the Iraqi National Oil Company. He said it's because they are asleep; they are more focused on latmiya than on oil and the economy. They would rather award upstream contracts to big oil because it's easy, and because the cash is quick, I imagine.

While searching for a good latmiya video to link to, I found a video memorializing the attacks on Ashoura. The video is itself a latmiya, drawing parallels between Husayn and the victims of such attacks. It is not clear which attack the footage comes from, even though the title says 2005-2006. There have been many Ashoura and Arba3een bombings - the largest in scale occurred in 2004 - today happens to be the 4th anniversary of that attack. I don't know how many have been killed this year, but at least 63 were killed in one bombing. I realized that the people who attack pilgrims have their priorities upside down too.

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