Saturday, March 01, 2008

Can a guy named Hussein become the next US President?

Update (3-1, 8:15 pm): the letter is a fraud! But it seemed so real. Thanks Fayrouz for the heads up! Since the letter was not written by Obama, I deleted the text, but I will link to a site that published it. The letter is all over the web.

I received the letter below, written by Barack Obama, from one of my cousins in the UK. The attention on Obama is now international, and much of that attention is being paid by Muslims from all over the world. In this letter Obama brings up the issue of his middle name, Hussein, and points out that some people may think it's problematic for him to share the name of the former Iraqi dictator. I'm sure Mr. Obama knows that Hussein is a very popular name among Muslims, especially as a surname, but I wonder if Barack knows the story of Imam Husayn ibn Ali, and how popular Imam Husayn (personally I am annoyed that Saddam's last name is Hussein, so I spell it differently than Imam Husayn's) is among Muslims, especially Shia. Obama's success in the Democratic Primary thus far is historic, even if he doesn't win. Arabs and Muslims are watching closely.

PS: Hat tip to Nibras for the great photo.

Letter from Barack Obama on His Muslim Heritage

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