Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everybody Wants Oil

My father and I were talking about the future of oil a few days ago, and he said basically that of course international oil companies want part of the action, and of course the US and Europe would want to control the last untapped oil reserves on earth. He told me that Russia is Europe's main source of natural gas. Russia has huge reserves of oil and gas. So does Iraq.

Just two days later I ran into my friend Klaus, and we talked about the post I wrote about him recently. He read it and we discussed a few of the comments, including RhusLancia's question about the government of Angela Merkel, the first woman Chancellor of Germany (I learned something new today). He said yes, it is a puppet government. Klaus said Putin has great influence in Germany, and sometimes Putin uses gas as a means to influence the Merkel government!

Elsewhere in the world, every country needs oil for transportation. China and India are both experiencing a boom in their economies, and both countries are adding thousands of cars to their roads every day. I spent three weeks in Beijing in the summer of 2006, and I could not believe how polluted it was. In Beijing alone 1,000 new cars are added to its roads every day. This is happening at a time when greenhouse gases are already out of control and affecting the earth's climate. But the world's oil supply is finite, and one day there will be no more oil. Royal Dutch Shell's chief executive fears that demand will outstrip supply in just seven years. Whoever has oil in the next 50 years will be king.

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