Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Iraq's Sovereignty

Just when I thought things were improving in Iraq, I read a depressing article about another tragic shooting of Iraqi civilians by US troops. It makes it worse that it appears the soldiers lied about it:

The U.S. military issued a press release the day of the shooting. It said troops from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, were stopped on the roadside when "criminals" traveling the road fired on them. When the soldiers fired back, the statement said, the car crashed against a wall and "exploded." Two of the U.S. vehicles had bullet holes and a weapon was found in the burned car according to the military.

Meanwhile the Iraqi government and the US are negotiating a security agreement between them that would allow US troops to operate in Iraq as they please for many years ahead. Many people are worried about Iraq's sovereignty. Initially, US officials wanted US troops to have immunity from prosecution, but eventually dropped that demand. Now Maliki says for the first time he wants a timetable for withdrawal.

Blackwater and a few US troops have been responsible for some horrendous crimes against Iraqis. With continued senseless murderous attacks on Iraqi civilians, I can understand why Iraqis would be concerned about signing a security agreement that would allow such irresponsibility, the likes of which have happened before.

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