Friday, January 07, 2011

Some Iraqis worried about Sadr's return

"Beyond the mosque, in neighboring Najaf, Mr. Sadr is often reviled. His militia’s battles with the American military in 2004 wrecked the sacred city, and his prominence during the occupation threatened to upset Najaf’s established order, whose clerics revere the antithesis of Mr. Sadr, namely age and scholarship. Its merchants, for whom piety means profit, still deem him little more than a dim rabble-rouser with ill-mannered followers. Some worry he augurs a return to strife that could interrupt the city’s feverish building — from overpasses to sewage systems — with vast complexes rising along boulevards."

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Mister Ghost said...

He wants to be PM of Iraq like his Granddad was.

Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Could he pull it off?

He would need a lot of Iranian and Kurdish backing.

His chances at being PM are probably less than Palin has of becoming President.

But, strange things happen in Iranistan.