Sunday, January 09, 2011

No chance of peace between Iraq & Israel?

Fat chance, says the Angry Arab, who seems to be impressed with the "new and improved" Muqtada al Sadr:
I could not believe the sight of Muqtada As-Sadr today. The rally was massive: hundreds of thousands of people attended in a scene reminiscent of rallies of Party of God in Lebanon. But what was most astonishing was the performance of As-Sadr himself. Here was this petulant and ill-tempered man of 5 years ago who used to speak in short and hesitant sentences now appearing as a forceful and capable public speaker who knew who to handle a crowd. It was quite remarkable how much he has grown as a public speaker. This formerly consistently bad-tempered man now was able to sprinkle humor into the speech and to lead the crowd in a chant against the US and Israel. When I watched the hundreds of thousands chanting in unison against US and Israel, I remembered the promises made by the London-based Iraqi puppet opposition that the "new" US-occupied Iraq would lead the country toward peace with Israel. Fat chance.
Hundreds of thousands? Really? On CNN I heard "tens of thousands" attended. This article says Sadr gave his speech in front of "thousands" and so does this one. The Angry Arab (Lebanese American professor in California) loves any talk about "resistance" to the US & Israel, and apparently so do the Sadrists.


i said...

"The Angry Arab (Lebanese American professor in California) loves any talk about "resistance" to the US & Israel, and apparently so do the Sadrists."

Calling for war, from the comfort of his home.
What an appalling person.

Don Cox said...

Why do these people want to have enemies?

Mister Ghost said...

Little Iranistan having peace with Israel... surely, you jest, Muhannad. And don't call me Shirley...

Iraq, is the country after all, that happily ran out its Jews and confiscated their properties.

I do think, in the unlikely event, the current regime in Iran were ever removed, then the Iranians and Jews could take tentative steps to establishing relations, as they are natural allies against the Arabs and Turks.

C.H. said...


The "Islamic Republic" is not going to live to see its 40th anniversary.

Dolly said...

There's a 4 minute clip of Muqtada's speech on the site memritv. It does look more impressive than I imagined, but still their behavior is in contradiction with their collaboration (elections, government, security forces).

Anonymous said...


You just proved you are more zionist than the zionists themselves once again.

So you want a relationship between Iraq and Isra-Hell? While they slowly commit genocide in Palestine? Unbelievable! You are the "scum of the earth"

Iraqi Mojo said...

I want to see peace between Israel and all Muslims. Who wouldn't want that? The Mujrimeen, I mean Muslimeen?

C.H. said...

I wonder if anon is concerned about the multiple genocides that have raged in Sudan, and the violence that is continuing today.

If Israel is committing "genocide" against the Palestinians, it pales in comparison to the mass murder of innocent Iraqis, Pakistanis, and others by your slime "resistance" fighters -- where often a single idiot suicide bomber kills more people than a year or two of "Israeli-Palestinian clashes".

Pull your head out of your @ss and address the real problems in the Middle East, please.

Anonymous said...

You want palestinians to give up their rights, for the land grab to continue, for the genocide to continue, in exchange for so called "peace"

Mojo you truly are the scum of the earth (along with Jared and Ayraaaaaaaaaab Jayyyraaaaaab)

Iraqi Mojo said...

Did I say I want the Palestinians to give up their rights and the land grab to continue?

Why do you lie?

You should read my posts labeled Palestine before you say silly things.

Ayrab Jayrab said...


You are saying that you want Iraq to have peace with Isra-hell while you know very well what it is doing to Palestine.

So you want Iraq to be at peace with a country commiting genocide?

Had you said you wanted peace after justice is served in Palestine, then that is a totally different situation.

C.H. said...

"So you want Iraq to be at peace with a country commiting genocide?"

So let's see...the millions of people who have died in Sudan are part of a complicated "tribal" issue, but Israel is committing genocide?

When you say these things, it is an insult to the victims of the real genocides that are/have taking place.

Ayrab Jayrab said...

I in no way approve of genocide anywhere. indiscriminate killings are a crime against humanity. All im saying is in sudan there is more than meets the eye.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I wrote this in September 2009: "Missing from the meeting was Hamas, which has popular support in Gaza and they are respected in the West Bank. If we rely on Mahmoud Abbass and Netanyahu alone to achieve peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, true peace and justice will not happen during Obama's administration.

Also missing from the meeting were Israelis who want to see a two state solution that is truly fair, one that gives control of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians (Netanyahu will never allow it), or a representative of the growing number of Israelis and Palestinians who are demanding a one state solution that would give Israeli citizenship to all Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

The hurdles are huge, and it may be years until we see a truly peaceful and fair treaty, so I admire President Obama for pushing forward in the pursuit of peace in the mid east."

Ayrab Jayrab said...

So, do you or do you not want Iraq to have peace with Israel BEFORE the liberation of Palestine?

Iraqi Mojo said...

I wrote this a year ago: "UN Resolution 242 on Wikipedia below. Arabs and Muslims have always said that there is a double standard when enforcing UN resolutions, and this UN resolution, which is 42 years old, is a good example of the hypocrisy. It is a very good point.

Israel has complained that the Arabs do not recognize Israel's right to exist, while Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes and annexes more Palestinian land. Now most Arabs do recognize Israel's right to exist, including the elected government of Hamas in Gaza. No more excuses."

C.H. said...

"All im saying is in sudan there is more than meets the eye."

As there is in Israel and Gaza, where irrelevant players like the Iranian regime interfere on a regular basis and try to thwart peace efforts.

Iraqi Mojo said...

I certainly do not want to see Iraq in a state of war with Israel. Iraq has been through too much war in recent history. If the democratically elected Iraqi government chooses to be in a state of cold war (or cold peace) with Israel, then so be it. But I would like to see Iraq, once it has economic strength, encourage Israel to do what is just, and that is to abide by UN Res 242. Also I'd like to see the US enforce 242 and stop being such hypocrites when it comes to UN resolutions.

Dolly said...

You have done a favor to Israel by destroying Iraq, so it doesn't make any sense to cast yourself as an anti-ZOG guy.

All your buddiez here are pro-ZOG

We are going to try to establish an Emirate towards the border and infiltrate Jordan and Israel

Meanwhile what are your collaborationists doing about Israel, like Mithal Alusi and other human garbage

Iraqi Mojo said...

If you and your peeps wanted Iraqis to fight Israel with you (as if you're fighting Israel) then your peeps should not have mass murdered Iraqis.

C.H. said...

"We are going to try to establish an Emirate towards the border and infiltrate Jordan and Israel"

How's that working out for you?