Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Muqtada al Sadr back in Iraq

"Muqtada's return does not bode well for the war-weary nation. His support of Maliki in securing the premiership came at a price - the Sadrists control the Education and Justice ministries, among six others, and will continue to implant theological paradigms in the curricula while maintaining Sharia Law to override every other legal consideration. Women's rights are likely to be left in the Middle Ages."

In December the Education Ministry banned theater and music classes in Baghdad's Fine Arts Institute.


Maury said...

Muqwaq in charge of education and justice? HA! The world has lost its ever loving mind. That's like putting Sudan in charge of the Human Rights Commission at the UN.

Iraqi Mojo said...

From a Jan 2008 cable out of the US embassy in Baghdad: 'Klanter, whose two brothers are reportedly married to sisters of Moqtada al-Sadr and who claims to maintain good relations with many senior Sadrists, said that Sadr will most likely extend the freeze on his Jaysh al-Mehdi militia beyond its scheduled expiration at the end of February. Characterizing the education level and mentality of most Sadrists as "backward, almost like they are from a cave," Klanter told us the USG can contain such people and change their thinking by "sending them to the U.S. and exposing them to new ideas."

Dolly said...

Well Sadr doesn't know what he's doing and he's completely contradictory. On the one hand he occasionally bashes the U.S. in the media. But then, he props up U.S. puppet Urine al-Maliki, and encourages people to vote in the American-backed election.

Even Americans themselves have noticed the contradiction. At one point, Muqtada said: "Go out and vote, it's the only way to prevail against the hated occupier."

To which, some Americans commented: "Huh?? But we are the ones who got him the ability to vote!"

Which is friggin' true, that Sadr's statement was idiotic.

Dolly said...

I will admit that he has a certain charisma, I have some sermons & interviews of Sadr. But he is not employing his power in any way. All the Shiah do is sit on the sidelines.

Picture of his late father:

JT said...

If you are struggling to understand what is going on, let me paint a picture. 1st - Al Sadr Army clashes with American troops. American troops almost wipe out the entire Army and even surround Muqtada Al Sadr. There is a stand off. After a while they just leave Muqtada alone. Don't arrest him, kill him, nothing. No explanation given, though the reason is obvious to some. Then shortly there after he goes to Iran for religious training. He wants to become an Ayatollah. Well, now he is back in Iraq to flex some politcal muscle; to show his face. CIA, Iran, take your pick - it is all the same, had back in 2005 already decided who the next leader of Iraq will be: it is Muqtada Al Sadr. Oh HE HATEEES THE U.S. - sort of like Osama Bin Laden does, sort of like Saddam Hussein does - though we implanted both of them through the CIA. Why did Saddam get taken out - he refused to pay his dues to the illuminati, kind of like Hugo Chavez (do your research on the IMF and World Bank). I realize this is a little disjointed, but bottom line is that the upper-echelon has planted their tennacles into the Iraqi oil, and the best way to keep the average citizen from receiving oil revenue is to create a theocracy. Think about it. Wait till America withdraws all of its troops there. I think we are going to someday see the U.S. Embassy stormed and people will have to be evacuated just like in Vietnam. These crooks keep telling the same story, unfortunately they use live people. And the worst part, we keep letting them do it.

Anonymous said...

I spent four years in Iraq and six months in Kuwait. I have an unusual perspective and connect dots that most people don't even know exist. The average American thinks Iraq is 100% Muslim, thinks Iraqis are all terrorists, and that there no such thing as a liberal or atheist Iraqi. I have met plenty of both. Personally, I am Christian. Ya-hella Ya-hella. Halabeeq, Weclome to my world.