Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sharia-compliant states

If the six principles of Sharia really are the rights to the protections of life, family, education, religion, property and human dignity, then Abdul Rauf is correct in stating that America is a "Sharia-compliant state".

America protects the principles of Sharia better than most Muslim countries, it seems.

Before I learned about the six principles of Sharia law I posted "Saudi constitution in accordance with Shari3a". It is the Salafi understanding of Sharia, which evidently involves forbidding women to drive and forcing them to wear niqab. Saudi religious police would rather keep a group of school girls inside a burning building then have them come out with their hair exposed! It seems the Salafi Muslims in KSA do not understand the meaning of the right to the protection of life.

The right to the protection of education has also been trampled on throughout the Muslim world. In Afghanistan girls risk their lives to go to school.

In many Muslim countries, the right to the protection of religion is protected only for Muslims. In some Muslim countries, Christianity is allowed, but not well protected by the government. The Iraqi government has failed to protect Iraqi Christians (and therefore Christianity in Iraq) in the post-Saddam era of religious violence. The Egyptian government has been unable to stop Islamic extremists' persecution of Copts for decades.

In America, the right to practice ANY religion (or no religion) is protected in the US constitution.


Anonymous said...

where did u get these 6 principles from?

Iraqi Mojo said...

From here.