Monday, December 20, 2010

God sent Babylonians to punish Judeans for abandoning monotheism

according to this.

I find it difficult to believe. Also difficult to believe is that God gave that land to the Jews forever.


Don Cox said...

The story of God giving the land to the Jews is clearly a myth, but it is true that the region of Israel+West Bank has been the homeland of the Jews for about 3000 years.

I think Jews, Kurds, Poles, Irish, Baluchs, Armenians, Czechs, and every other national group is entitled to occupy its own homeland. Even when, like Poland, it has been occupied and invaded many times.

Dolly said...

The thing is, they started shipping in people who have nothing to do with the region.

There are Palestinian jews, but the idea of the Zio state is to also ship in other judaic people from all over the world.
Plus to kick out the non-Hebes and tyrannize them.

So that is why many people in the West also sympathize with the Palestinian cause.

Kepha said...

As a Christian, I believe with all my heart and soul that God removed the Jews from their land back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar precisely because the Israelites not only worshipped false gods, but also accepted many of the abominable customs of the Canaanites. Read the Torah (Five Books of Moses), and the rest of the Old Testament.

The sin of Manasseh was so great that God determined to wipe Judah and Jerusalem as a man wipes a dish (II Kings 21:13). So great was the sin of Manasseh that not even the piety of his grandson Josiah could do more than temporarily turn away the divine wrath.

Among the sins of Manasseh was causing his son to pass through the fire (the sacrifice by fire of a child), which, according to Leviticus and Deuteronomy, are especially offensive to God, since the sacrifice of sinful man is unacceptable. Hence, when I read of people in parts of the world who encourage their children to strap on bombs to blow up others (and themselves with them) are probably also calling down a frightful judgment on themselves.

Now, maybe this does not make much sense to someone from an Islamic background, who thinks that the path of those who hear the prophets should only be triumph after triumph. But since we Christians do not believe that the OId Testament was corrupted, and bind it together with the New Testament to form our Bible, we are called to reflect how the people of God can and do go astray.

Aton said...

Books written by man describing God are imperfect and flawed.