Monday, December 13, 2010

Middle East & North Africa remains most repressive

In The Economists's Democracy index 2010, Iraq is given an overall score of 4.00 out of 10.00, the same score as Haiti, but Iraq's score is the 4th best in the Middle East & Africa. Only Israel (7.48), Lebanon (5.82), and Palestine (5.44) scored better.

The index groups governments into four categories: full democracies, flawed democracies, hybrid regimes, and authoritarian regimes. Iraq is at the bottom of the "hybrid regimes" group. When scored by region, the Middle East & North Africa region scores the lowest in the world, with an average score of 3.43, and that average includes Israel's score of 7.48!

"The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) remains the most repressive region in the world—16 out of 20 countries in the region are categorised as authoritarian. There are only four exceptions: Israel is the only democracy in the region, albeit a flawed democracy; and there are three hybrid regimes (Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories).

Almost all governments in the region continue to restrict political freedoms. All the Gulf states except Bahrain, for instance, ban political organisations. There have been some political reforms in the region in recent years, including the establishment of representative assemblies in Oman, Qatar and the UAE, and the return of an elected parliament in Bahrain. But these reforms have certainly not changed fundamentally the political system in these states, in which the executive branch still dominates and is unaccountable."

Only 12.3% of the world's population live in full democracies and democracy is in decline overall in the world.

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Dolly said...

Iraq is one of the top ranking dictatorships in executions, in the world

Anonymous said...

lol iraq is a "democaracy" now, thanks to Mister Boooosh

just dont get caught in the street belonging to the wrong sect and everything is all good

Iraqi Mojo said...

Compared to most Arab countries, Iraq is a democracy.

Anonymous said...

"Compared to most Arab countries, Iraq is a democracy."

just dont get caught in the street being the wrong sect

Iraqi Mojo said...

Yeah cuz the Sunni Salafi 3arab jarab will cut your head off if you're Shiite.

Iraqi Mojo said...

“If we think there is a fast solution to changing the governance of Iraq, then we don’t understand history, the nature of the country, the divisions, or the underneath suppressed passions that could rise up. God help us if we think this transition will occur easily. The attempts I’ve seen to install democracy in short periods of time where there is no history and no roots have failed."

--Marine General Anthony Zinni (retired) Head of U.S. Central Command from 1997 to 2000, 10 October 2002

Iraqi Mojo said...

'The ideals of elections, representation of the people, expression of the national will, and a rule of law are invoked over and over again by the most prominent Shiite religious leaders. Unlike Khomeini in 1979, they are completely unafraid of the term "democracy" and generally see no contradiction between it and Islam."

--Juan Cole